American Tax Dollars

There are strong economic arguments in favor of ending aid to Israel. Israelis have a higher per capita income than any other nation that receives U.S. aid, and higher even than many Americans. Foreign aid is meant to help countries that are having difficulty providing for their citizens, but per capita gross domestic product (GDP) is $31,000 in Israel which is higher than that of Italy, Spain or the Czech Republic (CIA, 2004) who are all traditional donors of foreign aid, not recipients. The most current numbers available show that the United States gives $8.5 million a day to Israel in monetary and military aid, which amounts to $3.09 billion this year (Sharp, 2010). In a time when domestic education budgets are being gutted and services are being cut, this $8.5 million would pay for

• more than 14,000 new laptop computers for U.S. schools every day or 5 million computers per year
• over 3 million hot lunches for American school children every day (NCES, 2010)
• college tuition for at least 143,256 Americans (NCES, 2010)
• the salaries of more than 58.6 million teachers (NCES, 2010)
• the salaries of over 39 million police officers (USBLS, 2011)
• the salaries of more than 46 million firefighters (USBLS, 2011)
• the addition of 37 million more nurses in our nation’s hospitals (Payscale, 2013)
• elder care for more than 40 million elderly Americans to enable them to stay in their homes and live more independently (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2010)
• repair and replacement of over 4100 miles of old roads throughout the country every year (Caltrans, 2011)
• repair or replace every one of the 2400 structurally deficient bridges in the state of Ohio within 1 year (ASCE, 2013)
• save the pensions of almost 109 million retired public employees like firemen, teachers, policemen, court workers, parks employees and (SEIU, 2013)
• provide day care for more than 26 million American children every day (BabyCenter, 2013)
• pay health insurance premiums for over 39.5 million Americans every day (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2013)

Israeli citizens get the benefit of about $500 per person per year as a direct result of US taxpayer dollars. How much does the US government give you every April?