Synopsis :: Most people think of a psychopath (i.e., sociopath) as a serial killer such as Jeffrey Dahmer, or the movie character Hannibal Lector. Think again. Only the worst ~5% of psychopaths are incarcerated, but they account for an estimated 20% of suicide3the prison population, and about 80% of all heinous crimes. Where are the other ~95% of the psychopaths? Living along side us in society, and at all social levels.

It has been estimated that 5-20% of the world’s population are sociopaths (i.e., afflicted with AsPD, APD, NPD, etc.) — and some estimates are higher. There are levels to the disorder … only a small percentage resort to violence. The others ‘kill’ their victims in a very slow methodical way: they destroy their victims’ characters.  

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