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THINGS YOU NEED: 2 feet of “two by six” lumber. 2 feet of “two by four” lumber. Heavy duty door hinge. 6 flat-head hinge screws 1½ inches long. 1 lag bolt ¼ inch by 1½ inches long.

In addition to its frightening proportions, solid waste pollution has another serious side: Most of the ways we dispose of waste today have faults of their own. Putting trash in open dumps results in an ugly haven for rats and disease. Incineration is costly. And sanitary landfilling uses up land rapidly.

A waste-disposal concept that has been getting a lot of attention lately is recycling. It means to re-use waste instead of getting rid of it.

Recycling is not new. Water is recycled. So are cloth, glass, metal, rubber, and paper (we’re going to recycle paper in the next experiment, in fact). But it’s going to take time for engineers to develop recycling processes for widespread use.

Meanwhile, many communities have places where you can sell certain kinds of unmixed waste for recycling. Interest in aluminum waste, for example, is becoming quite high these days. Call your local officials or newspaper people to find out if there are any agencies in your area that buy aluminum waste. If there are, then the can crusher in the following exeriment could help you earn some extra spending money.