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Jail time for parents who want a better school for their kids!


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Someone should question the $30K figure the school is throwing around. My parents paid to send me to a better school, and it cost them all of $200! $30k is more than most college tuitions, and the school spent $6K of taxpayer money on the investigation! The grandpa, who was charged with Grand Theft, was even paying taxes to send the privileged kids to go to that school! I agree that "everybody did it" is no excuse for breaking the law. However, it’s common for people to ignore an outdated law. People often ignore Blue Laws that require businesses to close at 5pm. The State usually has the sense not to apply Blue Laws just to the Jewish store. The school should have acted as if a white person committed the "crime": call a parent-teacher meeting and give the options of paying (reasonable) tuition or withdrawing the children from school. Caroline Giuliani got a day of community service and charges dismissed for shoplifting. The shop didn't even want to press charges when they found out who she was! She broke the law, yet everyone managed the case so it wouldn't destroy her future. That's why the Internet is "raging" over racism now. I believe the school is guilty of fraud if they inflated their tuition charges. I want to know if the school actually charges 30k to outside students who apply there. If other students pay less, the school perjured themselves in court to destroy a poor black woman.

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