Site Registration

Site Registration allows individual construction sites or projects to register with the Scheme

Company Registration

For construction companies of any type and size, including trade and subcontractors

Supplier Registration

Designed for those companies that supply goods and materials to the construction industry

Ultra Sites

A new level of attainment to raise standards and collaboration amongst clients, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers

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What is the CCS?

The national initiative set up in 1997 by the construction industry to improve its image

Members of the public

For anyone affected by construction activity and how the Scheme can provide help

Code of Considerate Practice

The Scheme’s expectations of all registered sites, companies and suppliers

Site scoring

Find out how the Scheme’s Monitors score registered sites, companies and suppliers

Best Practice Hub

The Scheme’s Best Practice Hub hosts a wealth of best practice tips, expertise, guidance and case studies

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Are you a supplier?

Are you a supplier to the industry? Register with the Scheme today

Are you a trade contractor?

Register as a trade contractor or subcontractor with the Scheme

Spotlight on...

Focusing on the long-term impact of occupational cancers on the workforce

Annual events

Take a look at the events hosted by the Scheme throughout the year

National Site Awards

Recognising and rewarding registered sites that have raised the bar for considerate construction

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Scheme products

There are a number of documents and products which can be used to enhance the registration of sites, companies and suppliers

Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and Workshops are designed to help anyone associated with construction activity understand the aims of the Scheme


A number of films have been published which help explain the different aspects and expectations of the Scheme

Industry Image

The Scheme’s e-newsletter, featuring the latest news, information and examples of good practice


Help is available to registered sites, companies and suppliers to help them adhere to the Code and improve the image of construction

Ivor Goodsite

Industry mascot Ivor Goodsite has his own website which includes news, games and much more

Construction Helpline

A confidential hotline dedicated to supporting the industry's workforce

Go Construct

An industry initiative that aims to attract, inform and retain a talented workforce

Prostate Cancer UK

The leading UK charity for men with prostate cancer and prostate problems

Image of Construction

Image of Construction is a must-attend for everyone registered with the Scheme

Introductory film

Scheme advocates

Associate Membership

Contractors who have proved their commitment to improving the image of the industry through a high number of registrations that have consistently performed to a high level

Company Partnership

Companies who have proven their commitment to improving the image of construction through being a registered company for a minimum of two years and having consistently performed to a high level

Client Partnership

Companies or organisations who make a commitment to improve the image of the construction industry and encourage all main contractors to register their projects with the Scheme

Scheme Supporters

Construction industry bodies who support and value the Scheme’s aim of improving the image of construction