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Frequently Asked Questions

  Question.   My Registration/Unlock key fails.   How do I register?


1. Make sure you are using the correct version of the software.   Different version of our software may use different keys.   Be sure that you have downloaded the correct version of your software.   If your puchased a key your license never expires, however you will need to make sure to download the software version that your ordered so the key works properly.

2. We strongly suggest copying and pasting your key.   This will eliminate typing errors.   Note the key is case-sensitive.   Also, please make sure you don't have an extra spaces in the key.

3. If you entered your name as "John Brady Sr" when ordering Collage Maker then please make sure you enter your name as, First Name = John, Last Name = Brady Sr.   If you forget to enter Sr you will recieve a failure message.

  Question.   If I lose my registration key how do I retrieve my key?

  Answer.   The quickest way to retrieve your key is to use our automated Unlock Key Retrieval function.

This function will help you retrieve your unlock key for Collage Maker, Frame Master, Web Album Creator and JPhotoViewer keys that were previously purchased.

In order for the key retrieval to work properly you will need to supply the email address that was used during the ordering process.   In some cases Galleria Software may have updated your email address that is on file if you requested a lost key in the past.  

You will also need to supply your new email address.   Your registration information will be sent to this new email address.

If for some reason you still can not locate your key you may email

  Question.   How do Import Collage Maker 2.x files into Collage Maker 3 ?

  Answer.   If you have Collage Maker 2.x installed on the same PC as Collage Maker 3 then you can simply use the IMPORT function in version 3.   Run Collage Maker 3 and select the "Import 2.x Collages" menu option from the File Menu.   You will need to locate the Collage Maker 2.x installation folder.   This is usually C:\Program Files\Collage Maker\. The Import function will then copy all your collages to the new project folder.

Collage Maker 3 saves collages to : \Documents\Collage Maker Projects\ or \MyDocuments\Collage Maker Projects\

If the project files are on a different PC or you saved off the Collage Maker 2.x data files then you can manually copy all your projects over to version 3.0.   You may want to start by burning a CD with all your Collage Maker 2.x data files.

Locate the Collage Maker 2.x folder, C:\Program Files\Collage Maker\Collages\ and burn this folder and all the files beneath it to a CD.   The "Collages" folder contains all the project files and data files for all your 2.x collages.

After you have installed Collage Maker 3, you may copy the files from the CD to the \Documents\Collage Maker Projects\ folder.

1. Copy all the CLG files from the CD to the \Documents\Collage Maker Projects\Collages\ folder
2. Now copy the "data" folder from the CD to to \Documents\Collage Maker Projects\data\ folder.

These collages can now be opened by Collage Maker 3.0

  Question.   I copied the CLG file to another PC and I can't load my collage.   What is the problem?

  Answer.   A CLG file is simply a project file with various settings such as file locations of JPEGs, Stamps, Textures, and many other settings.   This is not a graphical file such as JPEG or PNG file.   Please see the above FAQ for more information.

You can use the "Save As Graphic" Menu option to save the collage as a JPEG or PNG file.

  Question.   I am getting strange errors (access violations) when I try to use a 600 DPI collage.   What is the problem?

  Answer.   Please keep in mind that the larger the collage, the greater the memory requirements are going to be.   For instance a 8" x 10" collage at 600 DPI will require the following memory:
6000 (width) x 4800 (height) x 4 Bytes (32 bit color) = 115,200,000 (115 MB).   This does not include any additional photos you might want to layer on top of the collage.   This means that a computer with 128 MB of memory or less may have problems with this collage.   Unless you have memory to spare, you probably should use 300 DPI for your projects.

  Question.   What does it mean when I get an error, "Win32: Parameter is Incorrect?"

  Answer.   This is an Operating System Level error code, Microsoft defines this as ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER (87).   Microsoft is vary vague as far as defining what this error code signifies.   Some type of general exception has occurred at the OS level.   Lack of memory and system resources might possibly contribute to this error condition.

  Question.   What do the JPEG Error Codes mean?

JPEG error #36 - Output File Error - Possibly out of disk space
JPEG error #51 - Quantization table not defined
JPEG error #52 - File is not a JPEG file
JPEG error #53 - Insufficient Memory
JPEG error #60 - Incomplete File
JPEG error #67 - Incomplete File

  Question.   I am having problems printing, what should I do?

  Answer.   First of all, make sure your Windows printer driver is installed and that you have installed the correct driver version.  If you have an InkJet printer make sure that you are printing in color mode.   If your are still having problems, trying printing a test page from Control Panel/Printers to make sure that your printer is properly configured.
As an aside, it may be desirable to use "photo" mode if you have an InkJet printer that supports photo mode.

  Question.   What image formats are supported?

  Answer.   CollagMaker can handle reading most of the major graphic formats (JPG, PNG, BMP, PCX, PSP, PSD, TIF, GIF, etc).  As for writing graphic formats, it supports JPG, GIF, and BMP.  CollageMaker can also copy/paste images to the Windows Clipboard.

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