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Update 2: For those who have asked how they can help with server costs, see thanks!

I cannot comment on the contents of the container below other than it contains pdfs, word documents, powerpoints, images and a few sql dumps.

Every person who downloads this for the record is doing a service for democracy, and should hold people accountable for their atrocities.
When the time comes, I will ensure the passphrase for the container is published either through myself or by proxy. I am not the only person with it either.

To my friends out there, here is something to consider:

I will not be intimidated. I am not afraid. I know the consequences, and I accept them.
With the power of democracy, comes the responsibility of defending it from any threat.


SHA1: 2300 C680 5A95 D14A 75C0 9136 D28A 6459 42A6 1027
SHA256: 39D4 3376 8682 0821 36DF BF75 83B5 F6C0 7619 ADF5 8039 403F 9995 C8FE 0245 DC75

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