White Mountain Huts of New Hampshire

For an unforgettable escape, consider AMC's network of high mountain huts.

For over 125 years, our hut system has offered hikers young and old a bunk for the night in spectacular locations, with all the necessities. Hike door-to-door with your sleep sacks and enjoy in-season, home-cooked dinner and breakfast (with vegetarian options), as well as cold running water and composting or waterless toilets.

Great memories begin at our doorstep: Gaze at the stars. Try cross-country skiing. Discover rare alpine flowers in bloom. Or build a snow fort together. Need more ideas? Guided trips are available with AMC experts and we offer in-season programs for all ages.

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Yankee Magazine

AMC's Hut-to-Hut exploration featured in Yankee Magazine 


Yankee Magazine

AMC's high huts of the white mountains featured in Yankee Magazine