Inheritance Tax Secrets

Inheritance Tax Secrets – how to pay less or no IHT.  The advice team at IHT Secrets aim to serve those people who would like to pass as much of their wealth on as possible, just not to the Taxman.   We do NOT aim to recommend the sort of IHT planning which could potentially mean your beneficiaries spending years in Court pursued by Her Majesties Revenue and Customs.

So we aim to keep our Inheritance Tax advice as straightforward as possible.   It clearly won’t always seem straightforward to you, but we hope and expect that it will to HMRC.   If you are determined to pay no IHT, and wish to go for aggressive leading edge IHT savings solutions, you can, but we would suggest using the more acceptable ones first.   So talk to us, we may solve the problem without your needing to resort to riskier strategies.  Then you can go for the riskier tax planning strategies for the rest of your assets if you need to.

So who are the Inheritance Tax Secrets team, and why should you talk to us?

Ingrid McCleave is a specialist estate planning solicitor, encompassing probate work so we can follow Inheritance Taxour solutions through. Ingrid is also a tax barrister who used to work for leading City accountants (and many years later, still charges far less!)

Inheritance Tax Secrets Stephen Pett does not directly offer advice these days, and was the  original author of  Inheritance Tax Secrets.  He looks at the background  issues and works with Ingrid looking  at ideas. He was for many years  an Independent Financial Adviser before moving into the legal world..

How do we work?

We are willing to have a brief chat when time is available, if you are not sure whether you have an Inheritance Tax problem.  No problem = no need to pay us to solve it!

Inheritance Tax Secrets Option 1. 

We offer a brief initial review lasting up to 25 minutes, after which Ingrid will email brief recommendations out to you.   This costs £150 including VAT, and is usually enough to suggest what needs to be done.  Some of the recommendations do not involve further planning (or fees).  Other IHT saving ideas will be chargeable, and the cost will (as far as possible) be quoted.

Option 2. For more complex situations.

  • or where you require a face to face meeting

  • where it is necessary us to study paperwork in advance.

  • Or more detailed discussions are needed, for example involving children or business, business partners or shareholders.

Then the fee is just for the amount of time taken.