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Last updated August 18, 2011 16:53, by java_justin

Blu-ray Disc Java and GEM/MHP/OCAP Authoring Notes and Guidelines

This document contains links to helpful notes and guidelines for the Blu-ray Java author. This is the index page.

Setting Up a Development Environment

Technical Notes and Authoring Guidelines

Products and Services

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A Note about spec authorship

From time to time, there has been some confusion about who authored the BD-J specifications, and Oracle's role in the process. Oracle does host this wiki and other developer tools, and is a BDA board member, but the BD-J specification was very much a group effort. In fact, many portions of the part 3-2 specification (which specifies, inter alia, the org.bluray package) were written by the BDF, or Blu-ray Disc Founders, before the formation of the BDA, and before Oracle joined the BDA. Oracle was more directly involved in the original authorship of the DVB portions of Blu-ray (GEM and MHP), and of course the JCP elements of BD-J are more directly attributable to Oracle.

This underscores the need for a community to support BD-J developers. Because no one entity wrote the entire specification, its maintenance and support are very much a community effort.

-- Main.billf - 25 Apr 2008

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