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Welcome to California's Internet access provider.
We provide quality DIAL-UP, DSL and Private Line Internet access.

Hardware and software installation / Computer setup, repair and trouble-shooting.
Small Business and Home Office Networking Solutions. PC and Mac friendly.

(925) 938-2925

Want economical access? We have the best dialup around
(Click here to find the local dialin number for you)
Want speed? DSL may be just what you need

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Tools to keep you in control of your PC:

Got a virus? Go here to get 'Stinger'
Worried about Spyware? Download Spybot
(Not sure what 'spyware' is? Click here)
(Not sure what 'phishing' is? Click here)
Annoyed by pop-ups? Download Stop-The-Pop
Microsoft Windows updates? Scan for

File a complaint at the
FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center
Learn more about online privacy and safety at Privacy Rights Clearing House
The SERIOUS security risks of home & public Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi Risks

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