A recent study by the South African Department of Health names South Africa as one of the 34 countries contributing to 90 percent of the burden of malnourishment globally.

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KFC continues to add hope with Africa Food for Thought, in support of feeding children in Gauteng’s West Rand. Through the respectable work they do at schools, this heartfelt organisation realised that while many children come from disadvantaged backgrounds, some are more vulnerable than others.

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In October, Add Hope released its first annual review for the financial year March 2013 – February 2014. This is an overview of the work Add Hope has done over this period including reports from our trustees, the governance of the trust, a financial synopsis and the impact the initiative has had on the community.

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January marks a start of a brand new year for Add Hope and it brings a brand new goal with it.

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In South Africa, hunger is not a once-off problem you can solve, it is a perpetual issue that demands year-round attention and sustainable assistance to make a real impact to communities. For the last 6 years KFC Add Hope, with the help of customers and KFC restaurants, has been able to provide 70 000 children with nutritious, quality meals daily to make sure they can attend school with a full tummy.

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The peak for KFC Add Hope is World Hunger Month in October where the brand shows customers the difference their R2 donations are making, and this last month this was done by telling the story of hope seen through the eyes of the children we feed. One by one these little children shared their hopes and dreams of what they wanted to be when they were bigger; an astronaut, a nurse, a teacher or a ballerina. In response, KFC customers around Sou...

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When you see the world through the eyes of a child, you see things differently. Children always believe that tomorrow will be better, because children always believe in hope. They know they will grow up to be doctors, astronauts and police officers.

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Tonight when you go to bed, try to think about the over 3.3 million children who will be going to sleep hungry in South Africa. This happens every night. It is a reality but work is being done to change this.

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Founded in Orange Farm, the Sinqobile Day Care Centre has taken a fundamentally different approach to supporting early childhood development, being entirely managed by men.

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“More than half the population of South Africa is food-insecure, either at risk of hunger or already experiencing it.” This is according to Country Director for HOPE worldwide, Dr Marc Aguirre.

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This World Hunger Day did you know that every time you Add Hope to your KFC meal, R2 goes to filling the tummies of South Africa's hungry children.

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Our Add Hope has almost doubled the number of children we feed from 40 000 per month in 2013 to 70 000 per month this year. This is thanks to the generous donations made by our consumers, which help us support 11 national beneficiaries and over 80 smaller community initiatives across the country.

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A recent report by Statistics South Africa titled “Social Profile of Vulnerable Groups” highlighted the fact that 13.4% of households with children experience hunger. This is a worry for the future of our country because most households have children in them and the truth is that a hungry nation can’t be a growing nation. It’s up to people and organisations with the means, from all sectors, to come together and form strategies using ...

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An empty tummy will no longer stop 2 000 pre-schoolers in Limpopo from playing and, more importantly, learning. This is thanks to the nutritional feeding programme launched in rural areas by one of our beneficiaries - Joint Aid Management South Africa (JAMSA).

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To mark World Hunger Relief Month in 2013, KFC gave up its most valuable asset in a move to highlight the plight of hungry children in SA. The brand gave up its Colonel logo and replaced it with the smiling faces of children. These faces represented the children that benefit from KFC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Add Hope.

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October marks a time of year when people give attention to the cause of Hunger Relief both within South Africa and around the world. Sadly, there are people living in our country for which hunger is more than just a topic of conversation, but rather a reality that they face every day.

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Our Add Hope programme continues to grow in the most remarkable way and we are always impressed with the support of our system to drive Add Hope in their stores and in their local store communities.

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South Africans have come together behind our 2013 Add Hope campaign, helping us tackle high levels of hunger among our country’s children. A total of R3.7 million was raised by our customers during World Hunger Month (October), bringing the annual total donated to R23 million.

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'We focus on giving children the opportunity to grow, learn and thrive so that they can make a positive contribution to their own future and the future of our country.' - Lauren Turnbull

Over 12 million South Africans will go hungry tonight. This is over a fifth of the population who can’t afford the nutrition they need. The sad part is that 3.3 million of these people are children.

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'One in five South Africans do not know where their next meal is coming from.' - Human Sciences Research Council

“Tackling child hunger relief in South Africa isn’t an insurmountable issue. A small amount of giving through Add Hope can make a difference.” Andrew van Zyl, EFC Africa Heavyweight Champion

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Jacaranda FM followed our cue last week in the fight against child hunger, raising enough to feed 215 children for Add Hope in its first hour of airing. Think about it this way. One of our beneficiaries, feeds 250 children at one of its early childcare development centres, so Jacaranda helped to support a centre of a similar size. How did they do it?

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You never really lived until you've done something for someone who can never repay you. - Unknown

We love what Sponsorship and CSI Manager at KFC South Africa said when talking to one of South Africa’s most media savvy journalists, Jeremy Maggs. “You go to KFC and buy your treat, but there are many children out there who don't have access to a meal that is going to get them through a morning at school.”

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Every day, over 20,000 children in South Africa and 1.1 million in five African countries look forward to their little red bowl of porridge from Joint Aid Management (JAM). This homegrown non-profit organisation has been a KFC Add Hope national beneficiary since 2010, feeding over 20,000 hungry children locally through this support.

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Cycling in partnership with Add Hope this year, Afrika Tikkun is launching a new fundraising and marketing campaign called Fill a Tummy. Each rider is taking on the challenge of raising R2 280. This is what it costs Afrika Tikkun and Add Hope to nourish two children for a year. The goal of the ride is to raise enough money to fill 300 tummies for one year.

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KFC South Africa Sponsorship and CSI Brand Manager, Lauren Turnbull spoke to SAFM’s Ashraf Garda about how anyone can make a difference to relieve child hunger in SA through the Add Hope campaign – from ‘sharing hope’ by donating online profiles in the social sphere to ‘adding hope’ by adding R2 to your KFC order. Listen to the interview below.  

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"Through Add Hope we have seen first-hand the way a child becomes happier and ambitious when they get the right nutrition." - Lauren Turnbull

“I hope you’ll agree by the end of tonight we will be sharing something special,” said Doug Smart, managing director at KFC South Africa. He was speaking at the launch of the 2013 Add Hope campaign held at Jo’burg’s Corlett Drive KFC. And so, the first of our smiling children icons that have replaced our iconic Colonel for World Hunger Relief Month was unveiled. “The future of our children only looks brighter with a full tummy, when they can learn, grow and thrive,” he reminded everyone attending. Click here to view some of our top photos.

Talk Radio 702’s David O’Sullivan chatted to KFC South Africa Sponsorship and CSI Brand Manager, Lauren Turnbull about the 2013 Add Hope campaign, through which KFC has given up its Colonel logo and replaced it with the smiling faces of children to mark World Hunger Relief month.

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Wondering why we've given up our Colonel this World Hunger Relief month?

We're supporting Add Hope and the fight against childhood hunger and some amazing South African organisations and people including Lead SA, DJ ZINHLE and the crew from Metro FM, Zonke Dikana and Khuli Chana are helping us share hope!

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"If you can't feed a hundred, then feed just one."
- Mother Theresa

How deep is the world’s child hunger bowl? Here are five reasons to share and add hope so the 90 beneficiaries that Add Hope supports can continue to feed hungry children.

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October is World Hunger Month.

At Add Hope, we want to raise R2-million to feed more hungry children this World Hunger Month. But we need your help!

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A hungry nation cannot be a growing nation and with three million of South Africa’s children going hungry, we need to join together to make sure that their tummies are filled. With unemployment now at over 37%, over seven million South Africans may not be able to provide their families with the nutrition needed to survive. Children, from newborns to eight-year-olds, are not just hungry for nourishment to grow physically but they also crave...

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Every time you Add Hope to your KFC meal, the R2 you donate goes to filling the tummies of 40 000 of South Africa’s hungry children monthly. View our video to find out more.

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This is the headline today in Africa’s most read newspaper, Daily Sun. The front page greets readers with a picture of one of six smiling little faces that are replacing the Colonel for World Hunger Month, at 114 of its stores nationwide. If you have not caught the ‘SunLand’ article yet, here is a snippet. “For the past four years, KFC lovers across Mzansi have been asked to donate R2 when they bought a meal from the internation...

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The Add Hope initiative strives to drive awareness around the issue of hunger in South Africa and raise funds to support hunger alleviation projects across the country.

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“KFC Add Hope raises millions of rands to fulfill its mission of feeding those people most in need in South Africa and is an opportunity for everyone to play a part in the fight against hunger.” Claudia Altorio, United Nations World Food Programme

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Meet Tinto. Tinto turned down an opportunity to go to Oxford University. Instead, he opted to study at UCT so that he could be closer to his siblings.

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Mam Moloi is one of the many grandmothers who takes care of her orphaned grandchildren in South Africa. Struggling to make ends meet, she, with her children, would collect tins and old metals to take to the nearby scrapyard for money for food. But it still wasn’t enough.

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Imagine, as a parent or caregiver, not being able to provide your children with something as basic as food. That’s the situation in which Sis wami Masindi Rudzani, a young mother and sister from Zandspruit in Gauteng found herself.

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When you first meet two year old Kedibone Dikgale you wouldn’t think she’s any different from any other toddler her age. But it wasn’t the case just a year ago.

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Siyabonga is a friendly, bright boy. He is slight in build and looks younger than his 15 years.

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Sipho was struggling at school and falling behind. Instead of allowing him to drop out and become another statistic, we spent time with him and discovered he enjoys working with his hands.

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Orphaned at just five years old, Wiseman Ndlovu will be forever thankful for your donations and the help he received from the SOS Children’s Villages’ Family Strengthening Programme.

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Ntabiseng is 12 years old. She lives with her older sister and shares a room with her younger brother, sister and two little nephews. Like any little girl, she has hopes and dreams for her future, like becoming a teacher one day. At school she enjoys Maths and playing netball with her friends. Your Add Hope donation of R2 and the support of HOPE Worldwide helps children just like Ntabiseng every day.

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