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The Dr. Seuss of bigotry. Troll to power, brah.

Washington, DC
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    I want to live in a white country. Judging by migration over the past half century, so does the entire world.

  2. Which emoji best represents cucks?

  3. . No one said you could leave your shed.

  4. Trump wants to end the cold war and defuse out tensions with Russia. Hillary ,neocon wants war. Putin gets it.

  5. "An immigrant founded a company or died in war therefore we must import millions of illiterate fruit pickers & war refugees in his honor" no

  6. Past few days show that Trump's enemies will stop at nothing to provoke Russia with one hand while ushering in more Muslims with the other.

  7. Citizens of Wisconsin's 1st District, America beseeches you: Throw this cuck out on his ass.

  8. Khizr Khan validates Invade the World / Invite the World conventional wisdom: Need immigrant Muslim cannon fodder to fight Muslims abroad!

  9. Als antwoord op

    You mean nigger?

  10. Please God. Let Cuck Ryan be thrown out on his ass.

  11. the Russians are our natural allies against Islamic terror. Disavow!

  12. Coach финсток heeft gevolgd , en
  13. By the time I finished a courteous but forceful tongue-lashing, he was nervously fidgeting, close to tears. These are soft despicable people

  14. Came face-to-face with the evil of a purebred German cuck last night. He literally used the 6 million to justify Merkel's Muslim importation

  15. People will think you're wearing this ironically, but we'll know the truth.

  16. Warning: If you support traditional American immigration law, you are officially an ignorant Nazi.

  17. Cohen drops a thermonuclear reason bomb amidst the latest insane bout of Russophobia.

  18. This is a terrible deed; I would hate to see it replicated at every single similar structure in western countries.

  19. To expel our enemies, smash the Left, and break the back of Jewish power. That would be a great

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