Obsessive Possessives

Documentary, 2013, Dir. Louisa Achille


This one is fresh out of the edit suite. I assisted Louisa with the final cut and online, as well as creating the animation/GFX components for the film. I enjoyed the project and I think you will too.  

The film is about the subject of collectors and the things they collect, but the focus is on the obsession. 

It made me feel kind of inadequate because I only have about twenty-odd handloomed sarees, which I thought was a collection. I now know I need to raise the bar significantly before I can come close to the passion the people in this film have for their stuff.

As record collecting is an obvious example, the Radio Alice team and I looked towards 50s/60s jazz records for inspirpation in color, typography and general design issues. 

The images displayed here are from some of the animated segues and design elements I created for the film. If you want to know more about when and where you can see Obsessive Possessives, check out the Radio Alice website.

© Rachel Walls 2013