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IBM Impact 2011

Where technology means business.

A tradition of business and IT working together grows stronger

In 2010, the IBM Impact conference broke new ground. It was one of the first software conferences to deliver content focused on both Information Technology (IT) and business-critical topics. The result was a new type of event that helps business and IT work together and work smarter.

In 2011, this approach continues with a Technology Program that offers over 500 educational sessions covering the latest in IBM WebSphere®, BPM, SOA, commerce and cloud technologies; and a Business Leadership Forum, sponsored by Forbes, that delivers over 40 sessions addressing leadership skills and ways to effectively manage in a complex, rapidly changing market environment. The two programs are essentially separate, but that doesn’t mean business-focused attendees will be in one part of the Venetian resort in Las Vegas and technical attendees in another. In fact, the conference as a whole can be seen as an event that addresses how critical technology and business innovations intersect and interact to drive better business results.

Clear focus on cloud

Cloud computing assists the bottom line in terms of cost reduction, while speeding the response to business needs and the ability to get new products and services to market. It’s a topic intertwined throughout Impact 2011, from approaches to cloud adoption to the challenges of cloud exploitation.

Cloud will be a featured topic at the Business Partner Summit, a mini-main-tent presentation and a special focus in the opening session. Overall, more than 35 sessions at the conference are examining cloud from both business and IT perspectives. You’ll gain insight from analysts and IBM thought leaders on the latest trends and get a better understanding of the risks and rewards of private, hybrid and public clouds. Both infrastructure-as-a-service and software-as-a-service will be looked at as ways to reduce costs, drive innovations and accelerate business.

Big on BPM and Decision Management

Business Process Management (BPM) and Decision Management solutions focus on the very core of a business – its processes and how they are affected by both day-to-day and strategic decisions. Additionally, BPM and Business Rule Management technologies are becoming more “business-friendly,” giving business users greater control of IT solutions and the power to implement decisions more directly and responsively than ever before.

With more than 80 dedicated sessions, hands-on labs and demos featuring IBM BPM and Decision Management solutions, including Business Rule Management and Event Processing solutions, Impact 2011 is one of the largest BPM and Decision Management events in the world. Impact explores how these technologies enable business leaders to leverage flexible applications that dynamically adjust to changing conditions. Attendees will learn how BPM provides end-to-end process visibility and control to better understand processes and drive process improvements. Impact also delivers education and analysis of how these capabilities enable organizations to create solutions that provide intelligent and responsive decision automation. And, you’ll see how many IBM BPM and Decision Management solutions empower business users to adjust rules and processes without engaging IT.

Ensuring SOA success

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has the power to deliver greater business agility and cost optimization through the management and re-use of critical business applications, but it might come as a surprise that SOA isn’t really an IT activity -- although it is typically discussed in an almost purely IT context.

SOA is an architectural style that optimizes your processes, breaks down application silos, leverages your information and frees business execution from IT constraints. To succeed, SOA solutions demand the collaboration of business and IT to develop the right plans, requirements and solutions based on shared concepts and understanding. Studies show that aligning business and IT efforts can double the productivity gains of those efforts undertaken in isolation.1 You’ll see how to make that collaboration work more effectively at Impact 2011. SOA will be a key topic in a keynote from Steve Mills, Senior Vice President and Group Executive for IBM Software and Systems, on the second day of the conference. You will also hear from IBM clients – across a broad range of sessions – who have succeeded with SOA to achieve greater business agility.

Industry expertise

IT solutions are becoming better tuned to the realities of specific industries and businesses to improve competitiveness and accelerate results.

Impact 2011 features industry-focused content to help you address your unique challenges and opportunities with the help of hundreds of on-site industry experts and real-world case studies that demonstrate how your peers are driving agility in your industry. There are special tracks for banking; communications; energy and utilities; government; healthcare and life sciences; high technology manufacturing; insurance; retail and travel and transportation. The industry sessions for both IT and business leaders can show you how IBM Software answers the current challenges of your industry. In fact, you will be able to tailor the conference agenda to attend those sessions that address the specific needs of your industry.

Bringing science to the art of marketing

Predictive analytics and social media are changing how marketers execute their campaigns, shape their brands and achieve revenue targets.

The web has become a high-speed, highly interconnected network of people and interactions that can make or break brands. Social media, mobile devices and the ability to filter marketing messages and techniques give customers more control than ever before and require that marketers move closer to them to succeed. According to the 2010 IBM Global CEO Study, CEOs are making "getting connected" to customers their highest priority to better predict and provide customers with what they really want. The marketing track, as part of the Business Leadership Forum at Impact, will help you gain a greater understanding of how technology is changing marketing. Learn how specific capabilities such as analytics, automation and personalization can increase customer preference, share of wallet and loyalty – and lead to greater revenues and differentiated brand value.

Sterling Commerce – a conference inside the conference

In August of 2010, IBM completed the acquisition of Sterling Commerce, a provider of software that helps you accelerate interactions with customers, partners and suppliers through dynamic business networks, using either on-premises or cloud delivery models. Sterling Commerce will showcase solutions for business and IT leaders at Impact 2011. This gathering is similar to Sterling’s Customer Connection event, however, it is much larger in scope and will provide even greater access to industry experts and the information you need to be successful with Sterling Commerce solutions. It’s a great opportunity for you to see how you can quickly leverage cross-channel commerce capabilities for delivering consistently exceptional customer experiences and cost-saving supply chain efficiencies.

Changing how we work

The over 6,600 attendees expected at Impact 2011 will be doing more than simply attending an IBM Software conference. They will be changing the way they work -- breaking down technology and business barriers by leveraging innovative solutions that support business objectives and address real-world challenges. It’s a transformation that must take place for those who want to succeed in an environment where technology and business are ever more interdependent and interconnected. Impact 2011 will be the perfect place for business and IT to come together and learn to work as one to drive innovation and achieve better business results.

1. “When IT Lifts Productivity,” Stephen Dorgan and John Dowdy, McKinsey and Co., 2004

Discover Impact! April 10-15, 2011

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