Event Presentations

Presentations from MACD are made available with permission from event speakers.  Presentations are sorted by event, with important sessions held long term in the Presentation Archive.  Click the links below to view.

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The Michigan Association of Conservation Districts hosts webinars throughout the year to provide additional training opportunities to board and staff.   Please visit the Webinar Page for more details and to view recorded events.  Webinar Page LINK

Training Modules

The Michigan Association of Conservation Districts provides in-person training opportunities for Conservation District board and staff members throughout the year.  Presentation and session materials from these events are posted to this web page, below the listing of the training modules. 

Additionally, MACD offers thirteen "self-taught" training modules that can be used to teach directors and staff the basic operations of Conservation Districts. The intent of these modules is to have education materials readily available to conduct "in-house" training in District offices.  These modules are especially useful when new directors are elected or new staff members are hired, and training is not immediately available.

Each module includes reference materials and notes (to help assist those conducting the training), and should take 15- 30 minutes to complete.

Conservation District Training Modules
MODULE 1: The Basics of Michigan Conservation Districts

Learn what Conservation Districts are, what they are supposed to do, and who are the people involved in getting the job done.

MODULE 2: The History & Future of Conservation Districts Learn the history of Conservation Districts, the current trends in land use, and how Districts are meeting the needs of landowners.
MODULE 3: Partners in Conservation Learn about the various agencies and organizations that assist Conservation Districts.
MODULE 4: District Director Responsibilities Learn the characteristics of successful Conservation District directors, their duties and responsibilities, and their role in personnel management.
Coming soon! Conservation District Finances Learn how Conservation Districts are funded, the importance of financial planning and budgeting, understanding financial statements, and maintaining financial controls.
MODULE 6: Michigan's Freedom of Information Act Learn the ins and out’s of Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act and why Conservation Districts must abide by it.
MODULE 7: MDA Contracts and Master Agreements Understand various contracts that Districts receive from the Michigan Department of Agriculture including the District Operation Grant.
MODULE 8: Conducting Board Meetings Learn the correct way to conduct regular and special meetings of the Conservation District Board by using parliamentary procedures and staying in compliance with the Open Meetings Act.
MODULE 9: Understanding & Developing District Policy Learn the importance of writing clear, concrete board policies.
MODULE 10: Building Legislative Relationships Learn how to keep elected officials informed about District programs and issues effecting natural resources in your community.
MODULE 11: Planning for the Future (includes the Resource Assessment, Strategic Plan, and Annual Plan of Work) Learn the importance of planning for the Districts fundamental purposes through strategic planning, resource assessments, and annual plans of work.
MODULE 12: Board Recruitment & Board Diversity Learn ideas and methods to recruit District board members that will improve the board’s responsiveness to the community they serve.
MODULE 13: Media Relations & Outreach Learn how to give the key information you need to get media coverage of District issues, projects and other activities.

2016 Summer Conference

Collaborating for Conservation - Patrice Martin, Innovative Community Solutions, Inc

Agronomy - Healthier Meat, Healthier Environment - Jeff Rasawehr, Owner - CenterSeeds

Forestry - Can't See the Forest Through the Trees?  Let us guide you! - Kylee Berger, FAP Forester Clare CD; Josh Shields FAP Forester Manistee CD 

Wildlife Habitat - Living the Wild Life:  Opportunities, Conversations and a Well-stocked Toolbox - Mark Sargent, Southwest Region Field Operations Manager MDNR; Mike Parker, Conservation Partners Program Specialist MDNR; Jim Hazelman, Assistant State Coordinator U.S. F&WS
Handout - Tools for the Tool Box

Soil Health - Pull The Trigger - using a sharpshooter to aim at Soil Health with landowners - Justin Morris, Regional Soil Health Specialist NRCS
Secrets of the Soil Logo

Engineering & I/E - Can I Do Engineering Planning:  Yes You Can - Join In To Find Out How! - Christopher Johnson, Area Engineer NRCS; Paula Steiner, Civil Engineer NRCS; Tom Wert, Agricultural Technician Shiawassee CD; Greg Lienau, Soil Conservation Technician NRCS
Agrichemical Handling Facilities Handout
Handout - Useful Links

Closing Address: The Importance of Your Conservation Team -  Mr. Dave White, Co-Founder and Partner of the 9b Group

2015 Annual Convention

Decontamination for Invasive Species Prevention - Kile Kucher, Wildlife Biologist MDNR

Education and Outreach for Conservation Districts - Susan Schultz, NACD Education & Stewardship Specialist

Eyes on the Forest - Deb McCullough, MSU Professor, Entomology and Forestry
Handout - Michigan Sentinel Tree Project
Handout - Exotic Forest Pests

Forestry Assistance Program (FAP) A-Syst Tool - Lora Freer, FAP Forester
Handout - FWH A-Syst Reference and Guidance Information
Handout - Checklist for MAEAP FWH Visits

How To Get Your District Noticed - Susan Schultz, NACD Education & Stewardship Specialist

How to Build Successful Relationships With Your Closest Partners - Patrice Martin
Handout - The Elements of Professional Community
Handout - Building Collaborative Relationships
Handout - Networking

How to Create the Team You Need - Patrice Martin
Handout - Building Collaborative Partnerships

How to Support an Active and Engaged Board - Patrice Martin
Handout - Governance Basics
Handout - Planning for an Engaged Board
Handout - Board Self Assessment Tool

Innovative Water & Nutrient Management by Parjana, Conservation Farmers can Grow With - Richard Baum, Director Parjana Green

Introduction to the Swine Industry Brief History, Terminology and Production System Overview - Kevin Turner
Video of Presentation coming soon!

MISGP Record Keeping and Q&A - Ryan Wheeler Terrestrial Invasive Species Biologist DNR Forest Resources and Wildlife Divisions

Oak Wilt Detection and Suppression Initiatives - Dr. Robert Heyd, Forest Health Mgmt Program Leader, DNR Forest Resources Division and AJ Campbell, FAP Forester
Handout - Oak Tree Silhouette

Prescribed Browsing in Natural Land Management - Melanie Manion, Natural Resources Manager, Ottawa County Parks
Prescribed Browsing in Natural Land Management - Cherrie Nolden, M.Sc. and Ph.D. Candidate

Qualified Forest Program: What you need to know as a land owner or program promoter - Dan Kowalski

Seepage Meter Usage for Manure Earthen Storage Structures - Rick Burns, NTH Consultants and Mike Olson, Abletech

Tile Drainage Water Quality Monitoring - Shelby Burlew, MSUE Livestock Environmental Educator and Allison Dauer, MAEAP Technician

Turn Good Ideas into Great Grant-Funded Programs - Susan Schultz, NACD Education & Stewardship Specialist

Water Words That Work - Eric Eckl, Water Words That Work
coming soon

Working with Historically underserved Communities - Sandy Penn, NRCS Outreach Coordinator
Handout - NRCS Program Payments and Acres by County

2015 Summer Conference 

Clean Boats Clean Waters - It's Not an Option, It's the Law.  Beth Clawson, MSUE

Improving Forest Health for Wildlife Resources – RCPP Project in MI, WI, and MN.  Callie Bertsch, American Bird Conservancy

Introduction to MARI.  Marilyn Thelen, MSUE
    Session Presentation
    Winter Manure Strategy Handout

Invasive Exotic Species Management.  Curt Holsinger, Chippewa Nature Center

Saginaw Bay Watershed State and Federal Activities.  Bretton Joldersma, Office of the Great Lakes

Sheep and MAEAP.  YouTube video of sheep presentation.   Ben Tirrell MAEAP Verifier and Tony Wernette, MAEAP Technician

Tree Sale Licensing and Inspection.  Micheal Philip, Plant Industry Specialist, MDARD 

Tree Sales 101: The Basics & Beyond.  Julie Spencer, Gratiot Conservation District

The Value of Volunteers, Match Value, Sweat Equity, and Goodwill - Zachary Branigan
    Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy Volunteer Materials

Van Buren CD’s Agricultural Outreach: Programs, Tools and Events.  Colleen Forestieri Van Buren Conservation District

Water Well Construction Standards.  Jim McEwan, Department of Natural Resources

Wildlife Cooperatives.  Anna Mitterling, Michigan United Conservation Clubs
    Michigan Wildlife Co ops Brochure

2014 Fall Convention Presentations:

Building a Foundation of Support.  Steve Law

Case for a Millage.  Susan Spencer, Manistee Conservation District

Climate Change Adaptation and Lessons Learned. Keynote Address.  Stephen Handler, USDA Forest Service

Climate Change and Michigan Forests.  Stephen Handler, USDA Forest Service

DNR AIS Update.  Nicholas Popoff, MDNR Fisheries Division

Large Volume Water User-Rights Responsibilities and Requirements.  Lyndon Kelley, MSUE

Northwest Invasive Species Network.  Katie Grzesiak, Grand Traverse Conservation District

Obtaining Non-Point Source Funding for Wetland Restoration.  Rob Zbiciak, Bob Sweet, DEQ Non-Point Source Program

Preserving Your Land Wealth, Ensuring Your Legacy.  Allen Herceg, Landowners Planning and Resource Group

Roadmap to MSUE IPM and other Ag Expertise.   Erin Lizotte, MSUE

Saving Irrigation Water. Lyndon Kelley, MSUE

Using Social Media to Share Your Message.  Katie Grzesiak, Grand Traverse Conservation District

Social Media Information Handout.  Katie Grzesiak, Grand Traverse Conservation District

Event Presentation Materials Archive:

Conserving Native Pollinators and their Habitat, Jennifer Hopwood, Xeres Society for Invertebrate Conservation

CWMA's - District Participation Panel Discussion:  Sue Tangora, MDNR: Pat Ruta, USFS; Shaun Howard, TNC; Ann Hruska, Dickinson CD.

Developing Foundation Support, Mark Randolf, Kalkaska CD

Developing the Leaders Around You, Christy Roman, Antrim CD

Environmental Laws and Permitting: What Does it Mean to You? Rob Zbiciak, MDEQ

Expanding Your Customer Base - tools and techniques to reach new customers, Sandra Penn, USDA-NRCS

Feral Swine in Michigan, Timothy Wilson, USDA-APHIS

Fertilizing Michigan Fruit Crops, Mark Longstroth, MSUE Educator

Fundraising Programs that Will Help Build Your District's Volunteer Base, Cydney Steeb, Emmet CD
Master Naturalist Program
Emmet Conservation District Master Naturalist Program

How to Promote Stewardship in this Economy. June Moss, USDA-NRCS
Human Resources Presentation Series.  Patty Gamin, H.R. Consultant

Insurance Options for Conservation Districts, Joe Fischer, Fischer Insurance

Invasive Species Bio Controls: EAB and Spotted Knap Weed. Leah Bauer, USDA-FS and Brendan Carson, MSU

Invasive Plant Species:  Chemical Controls. Vern Stephens, MDNR

Land Acquisition / Preservation through Life Insurance.  Kevin W. Blanton, JD AVP/Associate Council, John Hancock Life Insurance
Planning with Conservation Easements

Native Pollinator Conservation: What's all the Buzz?
Pollinator Gardens.  Vern Stephens, MI Dept. of Natural Resources Wildlife Division
Pollinators and other Beneficial Insects.  Kelly Goward, Allegan Conservation District
CRP-SAFE Update.  Dale Allen, USDA - Farm Service Agency

NRCS Plant Materials Program, Jennifer Taylor, USDA - NRCS  
Rose Lake Plant Materials Center & Michigan Plant Materials Committee

QuickBooks Sessions, Colleen Reynolds

Resource Needs Assessments.  Joanne Barnard, Barry Conservation District Executive Director
RNA Potential Stakeholders document 
Data Sources

Selling Trees - The Economic Values of a Windbreak, June Moss, USDA - NRCS 
Use Economic Benefits to Promote Tree Sales.

Social Media Marketing, Michael Green, Myndflux Media & Gerah Dutkiewicz, Richmond Creative
Social Media Marketing

Starting Fresh, Grant Seeking Workshop. Robin Grinnell, Grants Consultant
Starting Fresh, Grant Seeking 101

Swamp Buster, Dale Allen, USDA-FSA and Betsy Dierberger USDA-NRCS

Urban Water Quality Education for Homeowners, Kelly Goward, Allegan and Ottawa Conservation Districts

Working with Private Forest Landowners in their Native Habitat, 

Writing a News Release.  Pat Steward, MSU