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Bindi’s Itching… :-O

Hi Kelly… I am finally here….WOW, you are famous now!    I have so many questions to ask you…I have a YEAST problem…you know my mom is fanatical about taking care of me…a little overboard at times…LOl..Anyway, my yeast problem … Continue reading

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Feline Injection Site Sarcoma :-(

I have a 13 year old female cat who has never had any real medical issues her whole life, who now has Fibrosarcoma in her rear right leg due to a 3yr rabies vaccine she received  this past summer.  The … Continue reading

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Transitioning to Raw Diet…

Wondering what you think…I officially started feeding McKenzie & Finnegan raw today.  I am doing it one out of two times per day. Wish me luck.  My main goal is to reduce their weight and of course keep them as … Continue reading

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Preventing Tragedies…Dogs Hit by Cars

It’s taken me many weeks to even think about or write about this, but I know it is truly important and even if one person rethinks their position on this issue I feel it is worth it to potentially save … Continue reading

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Pet Hair Remover (Furniture)…Love this!

Sometimes you buy a product intended for a specific use, but find that it works really well for a something else.  I found one of those products while I was looking through my horse tack bins.  I stumbled upon a … Continue reading

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