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Favorite Books…

Hey Kelly, Just wondering if you have any suggestions for books on holistic pet care, diet, supplements, etc.   I have two general books, but figured you’d have some ideas.  I have two dogs, two cats and a lop eared … Continue reading

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Be Wise Sterilize TNVR Project Update…

(Ques) Just wondering how the feral cat project is coming along?  Keep up the good work!  THANKS!      -Drew M- How fitting that as I sit here writing this post on our feral cat “Be Wise Sterilize” TNVR project, I have … Continue reading

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Poop Eating…Ewwww!

(QUES)  How old should your dog be to start them on the Holistic Animal Care  Mega Pet Daily capsules?  I have a 10 month old puppy who keeps eating her sister’s poop.  Then she eats grass after it.  She eats … Continue reading

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Old Medications…

Hi Kelly~ Question for you…What do you recommend for disposing of pet medication? I have some Tramadol and Novox from Rio’s neck issues that are now expired. Do vet offices take back? Thanks for any advice         -Steph- Hey Steph… … Continue reading

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Treating Hot Spots

Hi Kelly,  My neighbor Anita asked me if I remembered the name of a cream for hot spots that you mentioned at your nutrition class.  I didn’t, so I am writing to ask you.         -Karen-  Large Hot spot on Golden … Continue reading

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Transporting (Semi-Feral) Cats …

Hi Kelly! My brother is planning to attempt to bring 2 feral cats he has been caring for for 7 years, from New Jersey to West Seneca. He has purchased 2 large trap/cages as recommended by his vet. Was told … Continue reading

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