Feeding Convalescing Pets…

I’ve received several questions recently regarding ideas on what to give a dog or cat when they are sick and refusing to eat or drink to keep them hydrated and to provide enough nutrition…  

NOTE:  It is very important to have your pet checked out at your veterinarian if they are sick or exhibiting symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, straining to urinate or defecate, fever, etc. for more than a day as they could have a life threatening situation like an intestinal or urethral blockage.

Coincidentally, three of my cats come down with a “virus” recently (we think… after about $500 worth of testing to rule serious issues out!).  Their symptoms included:  NO appetite and refusal to eat or drink, vomiting blood tinged bile (never experienced that before…pretty disconcerting honestly) and some diarrhea.  These kitties even refused to drink their favorite Answers Raw Goats Milk… check out this short video of my furry family waiting impatiently for their goats milk:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1YKMsmLd9w&feature=youtu.be 

NOTE:   As a precaution and because ALL pet owners should do this if ever their pet(s) become sick and food is a possible cause… I contacted both the canned food manufacturer and the dry kibble manufacturer to report that three of my cats who eat the same foods, had come up with the same symptoms, but nothing out of the ordinary showed up on their blood tests.  I provided all of the LOT NUMBERS and DATE CODE information from both the canned food and dry food to each company.  Additionally, the dry kibble manufacturer asked me to send them four cups of the kibble so they could have it tested by an outside lab just as a precaution.  Fortunately, their had been no other reports of illnesses, so I have to assume it was a virus situation.

It is very important that you keep your pets hydrated when they are sick, otherwise they can go down hill really fast which can lead to very serious health problems, including organ failure, if left too long.

Here are some suggestions… try offering these to your pets freely, but if they won’t eat/drink, then you should “force feed” them using a syringe until they begin to get their appetite back:

  • Answers Raw Goats Milk… Super nutritious, delicious, complete food, and very digestible…
  • Watered down low sodium chicken or tuna broth…
  • Clear Pedialyte… Contains lots of nutrients and electrolytes to stave off de-hydration…
  • Watered down canned food made into a “gruel…”
  • Baby Food…
  • Wysong PDG Supplement (just add water)… “Made of a base of gently processed, concentrated meats and organs from various sources to provide the major natural proteins, fats, and calories.  Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotic cultures are naturally derived, and provide nutrients to cat or dog in the form that its system was designed to recognize and utilize (Source:  Wysong.net)

“Hydration & Nutrition Kit” = Raw Goats Milk + PDG + Syringe

My first choice is the Answers Raw Goats Milk as it is extremely nutritious and complete, very palatable and easily tolerated, particularly on the digestive system.  As I mentioned above, three of my cats became ill within a four week time frame.  Sophie, (now) eight months old, refused to eat or drink for FIVE days.  I syringed fed her the Raw Goats Milk with added PDG supplement and she remained hydrated.  Fortunately, her “flu-like” symptoms finally dissipated and she began slowly eating again.

Rule of thumb for Answers Raw Goats Milk:  MINIMUM Two Tablespoons per 10 lbs body weight per day… three or MORE Tablespoons per 10lbs is definitely better if possible.  Spacing out the feedings over the course of the day is also recommended.   NOTE:  I was giving Six to Eight Tablespoons to each of my cats (weighing 7-10 lbs) during their virus battle.

Always remember to be patient and give your pet plenty of nutritious liquids while they are convalescing.  And, know when to make another visit to your vet if your pet is not improving or getting worse.  There are times when Intravenous or Sub Cutaneous Fluids may be required.

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