Pet Hair Remover (Furniture)…Love this!

Super Soft Rubber Curry Brush

Sometimes you buy a product intended for a specific use, but find that it works really well for a something else.  I found one of those products while I was looking through my horse tack bins.  I stumbled upon a “Super Soft Rubber Curry Brush” that is used to remove loose hair from a horse when they are shedding out.  As you can imagine, in the horse owners’s world, Spring can be a wonderful time filled with warmer temperatures, sunshine and more riding outdoors.  On the other hand, it can also signify lots and lots of shedding…especially if you have a senior horse… think buckets full of horse hair!

Lots of Super Soft Bristles…

I know how good this curry brush is for horse hair grooming so I decided to use it on my furniture, pet beds and furniture covers…WOW does it work well.  Whether you have long haired or short haired pets, the curry brush is a miracle worker at pet hair removal from furniture.  It’s also great at removing loose hair directly from your pets (dogs and cats).  I’ve noticed that most curry brushes intended for use on dogs have a much harder rubber and not as many separate bristles as the horse brush.

The best technique to use on furniture is to use the curry brush in a circular motion and the hair will start accumulating in balls… Instant Gratification!!  I’ve also noticed this tool seems to work a little better with long hair compared to short hair…but still effective for both.

The particular curry brush I used (pictured above) is carried in most horse tack & saddlery stores and I found it online at for $5.99.  If you search under Super Soft Rubber Curry Comb you may find other similar great products.

Have fun!

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