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Olcott Beach Cats “Caught” in the Middle

Please see the article in The Buffalo News regarding the recent open meeting on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012, with the Newfane Town Board regarding the fate of the feral/free roaming cats in Olcott Beach, here is the link: There … Continue reading

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Vacationing with the Furry Child!

Just coming off of the annual Easter/Spring break and having so many friends who made the annual pilgrimage to anywhere south of Buffalo that included plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, I thought it was a good time to post about a … Continue reading

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Life’s Simple Pleasure…A Dyson DC41 Animal!

Like many pet owners, the thought of having guests over for dinner or cocktails can bring on a slight panic attack!  Not because you will have to plan the appetizers, shop for all of the necessary ingredients to make the appetizers, … Continue reading

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No Pets Allowed on Beach

…Because an irresponsible pet owner might not clean up their dog’s poop…         Disgusting Soiled Baby Diapers…Urgh!     …But what about the ignorant people who left their garbage including soiled baby diapers on the beach…Really!

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Kitty has a Urinary Tract Obstruction…

I decided to post on Feline Urinary Tract Obstructions because I’ve had two people reach out to me regarding obstructions within one week! I’ll take that as a sign from “the Universe” that this is an opportunity to help other cat … Continue reading

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Is Your Pet’s Dry Food as Good as You Think?

Don’t be fooled into thinking a pet food is high quality and natural just because it’s owned by a multi-million dollar company or because there are exciting and colorful television commercials tauting the products as “natural.” Certified Organic Products Display this … Continue reading

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Titer Test before you Vaccinate…

Are We Over-Vaccinating Our Pets? I want to state, for the record, that I am not opposed to vaccinating my pets, rather the practice of over vaccinating is what I have a problem with. When you start to dig in … Continue reading

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Feral Cat Focus Saves “Unadoptable” Cats from Wyoming County

I definitely have a real soft spot for Feral (free roaming/community) cats.  Over the passed several years I’ve trapped 15 cats in my neighborhood and gotten them through the Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return process.  There are several good people in our neighborhood who … Continue reading

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Think Before You Spray!

Although we had an extremely mild Winter in WNY and record high temperatures in March, the arrival of Spring couldn’t get here fast enough for most people.  At a certain point, even the people who enjoyed skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, or just … Continue reading

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