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The Sun News 4/18/13 Vaccination Questions Sought by Readers…

Kelly Bebak The Pet’s Perspective I receive questions regarding my vaccination practices for my pets fairly often.  Vaccinations are a topic that can produce a great deal of passionate debate within the human or animal community.  All of my pets … Continue reading

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Rabies Titer Test Results…

I get questions regarding TITER TESTING fairly often, so I wanted to share my nearly 16 year old indoor only cat’s recent Titer test results for Rabies.  Toby is VERY much protected from rabies!  I have been titer testing Toby for Rabies … Continue reading

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Feline Injection Site Sarcoma :-(

I have a 13 year old female cat who has never had any real medical issues her whole life, who now has Fibrosarcoma in her rear right leg due to a 3yr rabies vaccine she received  this past summer.  The … Continue reading

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Dr. Ronald Schultz, Guest Speaker on April 20, 2013

Please save the date and mark your calendar…    I am extremely pleased to announce that The Pets Perspective will be hosting a very important guest speaker, Dr. Ronald Schultz, on Saturday, April 20, 2013…  This is a very unique opportunity to … Continue reading

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Seizures…What to Do?

(Ques) Hi Kelly….I have a yellow lab who weighs 87#…been having seizures for about 1.5 years now….is on phenobarb. 98% of his seizures happen about 15 min after being up in the morning and after his bfast(California Natural Venison and … Continue reading

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My Brush with Greatness…Dr. Ronald Schultz

I drove almost five hours to Cooperstown, NY, on May 12th, to hear Dr. Ronald Schultz’ lecture, The Vaccine Controversy, sponsored by The Healthy Dog Project  Let me just say that I was not disappointed and found Dr. Schultz to … Continue reading

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Titer Test before you Vaccinate…

Are We Over-Vaccinating Our Pets? I want to state, for the record, that I am not opposed to vaccinating my pets, rather the practice of over vaccinating is what I have a problem with. When you start to dig in … Continue reading

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