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Dr. Koenig Giving Gus his Regular Acupuncture Treatment

Pet Health…

Finding a balance between holistic and conventional therapies for our pets can be extremely beneficial.  And, having an “integrative” approach can improve their lives, and our lives, in so many ways.  I have learned so much about the benefits of acupuncture, chiropractic, herbs, homeopathy, and, of course, proper diet and want to educate people on those benefits.  Further, I’ve discovered how titer testing, instead of continual vaccination, is extremely helpful in minimizing the harmful effects of over-vaccination.

Toby Enjoying his Acupuncture Treatment!

My “Wholistic” approach to pet health workshop includes:  a balanced discussion on proper diet, exercise and minimizing toxins in the environment.  You will learn:  how to determine if a pet food is truly a high quality and natural food; the differences between grain free pet foods (including raw diets), all life stage foods, age and breed appropriate diets and other “specialty foods” on the market today; and how to determine which pet food is right for your pet based on many factors including age, weight, activity level and general health.

My Pet Health Library

There will also be discussion about a few common pet health ailments that can often be improved by changes in diet, lifestyle and adding supplements.  Further, we will touch on the basics of acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, herbals, and homeopathics and how these modalities can be so beneficial to your pets.

My presentations will focus mainly on dogs and cats, as that is where the vast majority of my experience originates.  I can tailor the discussions to your specific group (i.e. only dogs for a dog training club or only cats for a cat rescue group) upon request.  Typically, I make references to both dogs and cats in my discussions as many people have multiple pet households.

Starting a Business…

Having owned a successful retail business for almost twelve years has given me an incredible amount of experience and insight into what it takes to start and manage a small business.  There is no crystal ball that allows you to see into the future, however, the right amount of preparation and having a clear plan in place can help you to succeed with your business.

My workshop on how to start a small business includes:  a discussion on the importance of a business plan and we will start a business plan together; the common mistakes people make when starting a business and how to avoid them; the different business legal structures (DBA, S Corporation, LLC) and the importance of customer service in today’s competitive business environment and pointers on keeping your customers and your team happy.  :-)

Guest Speaker Seminars…

Occasionally, I will be hosting other guest speakers who are “experts in their field” to discuss a wide variety of relevant pet health & wellness topics including:  alternative veterinary medicine (acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, herbs, homeopathy, and Reiki); pet behavior and training; vaccinations and titer testing; animal communication; and pet bereavement.  We also encourage people to make suggestions for relevant topics and/or speakers for future events.


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