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Seizures…What to Do?

(Ques) Hi Kelly….I have a yellow lab who weighs 87#…been having seizures for about 1.5 years now….is on phenobarb. 98% of his seizures happen about 15 min after being up in the morning and after his bfast(California Natural Venison and … Continue reading

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De-Stressing July 4th for Pets

I’m so fortunate that I’ve never had to deal with extremely stressed pets during Independence day(s) celebrations.  In fact, we live less than a 1/4 of a mile from a golf course that puts on an incredible display of spectacular colors … Continue reading

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Sharing Milestones…Pets Included!

I figured I could be a proud aunt for this post and talk about some important events that took place in my life…  This was a really big week for my niece, Alisha Corsi, who not only had her Senior Prom … Continue reading

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Acupuncture for Cats & Dogs

I was pleasantly reminded just how effective acupuncture can be, particularly for pain and arthritis (in pets and people).   I recently posted on joint support for senior pets in response to a readers question and the timing could not have been more … Continue reading

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FURminator is a “Must Have”

OMG…I have to say that the FURminator really is quite an impressive shedding tool for any pet owner’s arsenal!  I have used the FURminator on my short-to-medium haired Coonhound and all three of my cats, two of which have very, very, … Continue reading

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Frontier Community Education Class 08/01/12

I will be conducting a three hour course entitled, Starting Your Own Business, through the Frontier Community Education forum on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  This class will be held at the Frontier Community Learning … Continue reading

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Easy Ear Cleaning

(Ques) What do you suggest for cleaning my dogs (two Golden Retrievers) ears?  -Lisa G. There are three main things I recommend when it comes to keeping a dog’s ears healthy and clean.  And, having a hound dog with long ears … Continue reading

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Couch Cover that Looks Good!

I finally caved and bought a SureFit machine washable soft suede pet cover and I actually like it a lot.   Gone is the fleece blanket that didn’t even cover the couch and always allowed pesky pet hair to go where it wasn’t supposed … Continue reading

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Coonhound Gus’ Bike Trip!

I just couldn’t figure out what category I should post this under… Maybe INSANE things we do for our pets!  But then I realized that when you really truly love your pets, like I do and millions of other people do, … Continue reading

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Joint Support for Senior Dogs (& Cats)

(Question)  “I was wondering what your recommendation would be for a hip/joint supplement for Cassie. She’s 13 1/2 and so far has not been on anything extra for senior dogs/arthritis/etc. I have noticed that is seems more difficult for her … Continue reading

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