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Keep Fluffy & Fido’s Teeth Clean…

Hi Kelly,    What do you suggest for cleaning my dog and cat’s teeth?  Neither of them will let me brush their teeth!  -Karen McDonnell- Hey Karen…  Great question.  Brushing your pets’ teeth with a tooth brush, finger brush or even a … Continue reading

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Pet Friendly Vacation in Lake Placid, NY

We headed to Lake Placid, NY, with our favorite Coonhound, Gus, for the Thanksgiving holiday this year.  I would have to say that this great town which is most famously known for hosting two Winter Olympics should also be known as a … Continue reading

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Misdiagnosis…Listen to Your Gut Instincts!

I often post about a topic when I get multiple questions and comments pushing me in that direction.  Over the past two months I have had two friends reach out with frustrating and unacceptable stories of misdiagnosis with their beloved pets.  I honestly … Continue reading

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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM…

Hi Kelly… Are you familiar with Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM, the “Internet Vet” from Canada? He sells a nutritional supplement, and I would be very interested in getting your opinion on it. Here are the links to the products: and … Continue reading

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Calories in Bully Sticks…

Kelly… Do you know if there are many calories in Bully sticks?   – Jean – I’ve read varying calorie information on Bully Sticks (muscle meat from the Bull’s prized Man Part!), but the typical protein and fat contents of bully … Continue reading

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Crating Dog with Toys?

Kelly… Just wondering if you or anyone else knows of any dog toys that are safe to leave for a long period in a crate with a dog ( 22 month old lab). I realize my dog probably sleeps most … Continue reading

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DermaPaw Question…

Hey Kelly – What do you think of the product called “DermaPaw?”  Here is the website:      -Kasey S.Z.- Hey Kasey… I’ve actually never heard of the product, DermaPaw, but did go to their website to find out more about.  … Continue reading

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Question on Fresh Raw Venison Diet…

Facebook Question:   Kelly… I would like to know if it is ok to feed “Da Tank” raw wild venison.  I have read on some sites that you should freeze it for a couple of weeks first. You have always given … Continue reading

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