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Preventing Tragedies…Dogs Hit by Cars

It’s taken me many weeks to even think about or write about this, but I know it is truly important and even if one person rethinks their position on this issue I feel it is worth it to potentially save … Continue reading

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Misdiagnosis…Listen to Your Gut Instincts!

I often post about a topic when I get multiple questions and comments pushing me in that direction.  Over the past two months I have had two friends reach out with frustrating and unacceptable stories of misdiagnosis with their beloved pets.  I honestly … Continue reading

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I’m not going to be a cranky, whiny, dog owner complaining about those irresponsible dog owners who can’t seem to follow the visibly posted Leash LAWS.  No, I’d rather provide a couple interesting scenarios that I’ve experienced first hand, that leave me scratching … Continue reading

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No Pets Allowed on Beach

…Because an irresponsible pet owner might not clean up their dog’s poop…         Disgusting Soiled Baby Diapers…Urgh!     …But what about the ignorant people who left their garbage including soiled baby diapers on the beach…Really!

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