made a visionary step back in 1999 to become Denmark’s first provider of online auctions. Their new mobile apps for iOS and Android push the auctions experience to the next level.

The Challenge

As Scandinavia’s leading online quality auction house, has achieved a turnover increase of more than 35x in only 12 years. Its meteoric rise has been made possible through a well-performing website, convenient locations for people to deliver their goods and not least a seamless user flow through bidding, winning, paying, transport and receival.

The auction house is constantly dealing with a dimension as solid as time. Auctions opening, auctions closing. Hundreds of thousands of users browsing their items bid in a race against time and competition to claim the wares before the proverbial hammer falls.

Despite their strong web presence, the dimension of space has confounded their users. Having only access to bidding via laptops or desktops, thousands have missed out on precious items. By embracing the mobile wave, bidders are no longer constrained by location. Smartphone users carry their devices everywhere and (within the confines of data enabled cellular coverage) solve the dimension of space. recognised the need to provide a mobile solution and engaged Hello Group for UX and design, and Spoiled Milk for consultancy and development.

Our Solution

In coining the design principles of simplicity, clarity, overview and speed, the iOS and Android mobile apps for have been subject to a thorough process of user research, wireframing, user testing, UI design, development, testing and ongoing refinements.

The solution brings the best from the website universe and pairs it with unique mobile features, incl. push notifications, camera and geo-location. The mobile version of also enjoys the ability to quickly browse long lists of content – not to be underestimated when scanning for just that perfect chair.

The technical achievement lies in intimately pairing the complex server-side of Lauritz with the mobile apps and a CMS dedicated to this project. On top, a unique system has been developed for handling the push notifications against users, devices, auctions, etc.

We’re thrilled to have collaborated with Hello Group on delivering these new entry points for Lauritz and can’t wait to see how the users respond to this new chapter.


  • Client: A/S
  • Media: Mobile applications
  • Industry: Auctions
  • Market: Global
  • Launch year: 2012
  • In collaboration with: Hello Group
  • Technologies: iOS, Android
  • Back-end: PHP
  • Achievements: 125,000+ downloads, 3 DIA nominations
  • Project contact: Frederik Cordes