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Zimmer Comeback

Global medical devices firm Zimmer wanted to set a new bar for their donation to the Arthritis Foundation. If users would walk the walk, they would talk the talk with a charitable pledge, $1 for 1 mile.

The Challenge

As a leading producer of devices to support sufferers of osteoarthritis, Zimmer has had a strong commitment to the Arthritis Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the prevention, control and cure of arthritis.

Last year when they came to us for their 

grand debut onto the social webs, we ran the Virtual Walk campaign, a pledge that matched likes to their Facebook page in exchange for a $1 donation. Facebook followers rose to the occasion and Zimmer came through with the giant check to the Arthritis Foundation.

This year, they wanted to do more and help encourage the arthritis community to make a comeback. As national sponsors for fundraising events the Arthritis Walks, Zimmer wanted to send their followers to local events to make the first move.

We first helped show their audience the way and we delivered a nice Facebook app with an interactive map. But like Virtual Walk, Zimmer wanted to keep the word alive with a tool that would help walkers continue to make pledges for their charitable footwork.

Our Solution

For a campaign that goes everywhere we went with mobile, and to keep track of users’ walks we integrated it with Facebook and mobile apps. The mobile came first with apps for iOS and Android to track users’ walks via GPS, take photos and then push the data onto a server to coordinate the pledge drive.

We kept the design simple and UI simple, so users can tap, walk, shoot and share with ease. We then developed the apps in tandem to assure a joint delivery date at an Arthritis Walk event. The testing phases on this app meant we all hit the pavement running, every step we made and every jog we took, Comeback was watching us.

On the social side we laid out a Facebook app that kept track of the overall progress of the campaign along with a leaderboard, photos from users and a feed that shares user walks. So far the apps have been racking up the mileage and are on track for another big donation to the Arthritis Foundation. Go ahead and take a look.

If you’re feeling charitable and have the itch to move, grab your Android or iPhone and take a walk to help arthritis sufferers make a mighty comeback.


  • Client: Zimmer Ltd.
  • Media: Mobile applications
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Market: Global
  • Launch year: 2012
  • Technologies: iOS, Android
  • Backend: PHP
  • Project contact: William Tylander