R-Stream® is advanced compiler technology that enables algorithm developers to be hero programmers, too.

R-Stream lets you focus on the algorithm, not the complexity of programming for a specific architecture.  You can develop the program logic once, then use R-Stream to produce optimized source code for key parallel computing architectures.  R-Stream has broad applicability, it’s been used by physicists to accelerate simulations that reflect the deep structure of the universe, by radar system designers to implement new sensor capabilities, and by oil and gas companies to accelerate computing processes to find oil.

Specifically, R-Stream is a source-to-source compiler that accepts a sequential C program as input and produces code that has been parallelized and optimized for parallel processors and accelerators.  It can output code in a variety of formats for downstream processors, including highly optimized OpenMP and CUDA.  R-Stream also targets EDT-based environments such as OCR.  R-Stream is under active development and has special new features for low-power embedded computing and for extreme-scale computing.

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