Last Updated: Sunday, August 7, 2016 14:30 BST
Obama To Play 300th Round Of Golf While In Martha’s Vineyard
George W. Bush (also an avid golfer) played only 24 rounds of golf during his presidency.

Navy Says Sailors Will Be Allowed To Wear “Don’t Tread On Me” Patches On Their Uniforms
The Navy also says it will allow sailors to wear the reverse American flag.

Federal Agency Suggests That Gadsden Flag May Be Racist

VIDEO: Hillary backers find themselves agreeing with Trump
Do Hillary Clinton supporters back her because of what she stands for, or are they mindless lemmings who will defend anything she supposedly says?

Trump: ISIS ‘Salivating’ Over Clinton Presidency
Trump: I’d Be The ‘Last One’ To Use Nukes
Dem Rep Gregory Meeks: Trump Shouldn’t Take Intel Briefings Because He’d Blurt Out Classified Intel

Virginia’s Syrian Refugees Resettled In Poor Communities Hours Away From Wealthy DC Suburbs
Of the 121 Syrian refugees placed in Virginia so far, 112 have been placed in communities at least 100 miles away from the nation’s capital.

German anti-terror police prepare to storm building as armed man covered in blood ‘barricades himself inside restaurant’

Preparing For A World Without Cash
What would a government-backed digital currency look like?

Older freemasons told to smile and stop criticising in bid to attract millennials
Senior brethren told to look like they are enjoying themselves as recruiting younger members is hailed as the new hope for halting the decline of freemasonry.

Mystery of ‘alien megastructure’ star deepens after further study

In 2011 and 2013 the light shining from a distant star dropped by an unprecedented 20 percent, leading some astronomers to wonder if something very, VERY, big is blocking it from Earth’s view.

Hillary: “We Are Going To Start Immediately” On Amnesty
“I am determined that we are going to achieve comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.”

Tapper Shuts Down Clinton Surrogate on Clinton’s Email Talking Points
Clinton: I ‘Short-circuited’ In Describing FBI Findings
Dear Hillary: DNC Hack Solved, So Now Stop Blaming Russia
Bizarre: Hillary Calls Trump Her “Husband”
Police union: Clinton snubbed us

Propaganda Film Suggests Iran DID Videotape Cash-drop Plane
Could Trump have been right?

Saudi Arabia to help Germany investigate attacks – Spiegel
Saudi Arabia has offered to help German investigators find those behind Islamist bomb and ax attacks in July.

US-led coalition accused of killing civilians using ‘scorched earth policy’ in Syria

The FDA just greenlit releasing mutant Zika-killing mosquitoes in Florida
Our sci-fi future just got a whole lot closer to becoming a reality, after the Food and Drug Administration gave the okay to a field trial that would release genetically modified Zika-killing mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.

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