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Asset Protection – Legacy Protection Plan Enquiry

Asset Protection – if you would like an information pack on the Legacy Protection Plan, fill in the form below or call us on 01323 741203 (or 03 300 102 301 from a mobile) and we’ll it to email you.

The Legacy Protection Plan is a gamble

  •  one way – you Win and your family win.
  • The other way – you WIN Big Time!  Though to be fair, it is probably your children and grandchildren who will benefit!  But you won’t be ignored – if your Care Fees do need topping up to give you a decent quality of life, your family Trustees can do just that!

Please include your phone number so we can have a very brief chat to ensure you are eligible. We wouldn’t wish you to invest money or time in a plan which is inappropriate for your circumstances.  The vital thing however is not to leave it too late. We won’t harass you, send a salesman to knock on your door or sell your details on to third parties, we promise! If your concerns are around Inheritance Tax, please say so as we need a little more information before even suggesting possible solutions.

We have two booklets which may be of interest – Asset Protection Secrets and the one specifically on the Legacy Protection Plan.   They do to an extent overlap, but neither is very long, so they are not too much of a chore to read!

Asset Protection Enquiry Community Care Tax.

With the high cost of postage these day, we only email the Asset Protection and Legacy Protection Plan out.  If you don’t have an email, why not ask a friend or child to receive them for you and pass them on?   You will find the leaflets helpful rather than sales pitches, presenting the case for Asset Protection and Probate Protection as fairly as we can. We will call you briefly first to make sure the plans are relevant to your situation.

We’re always happy to answer questions of general interest regarding these services, so do feel free to ask questions if they are relevant to England and Wales, where we  practice.  If you’re a Scot, we’ll need to pass the enquiry on to our Scottish colleagues. You will appreciate that we can only answer fairly straightforward questions free of charge, so please keep the questions on Asset Protection short if you want an answer!  Our expertise is specialist so we won’t be able to answer off topic questions I am afraid.

 Asset Protection