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Christ’s Purifying Goat Milk Soap – 6.2 ozs.


This Signature Soap was created as true divine inspiration and is a special gift for all!   We researched the holy texts for the purifying and anointing oils used at the time of Christ such as frankincense, myrrh, hyssop, spikenard, cinnamon and others.  We then prayerfully combined them to create an amazing, beautiful fragrance for men and women that lightly fills your senses as you bathe with it.  Enjoy a purifying and uplifting feeling as you suds up and clean up…both inside and out!  The colors surrounding the pure white goat milk cross resemble stained glass and are also from the holy texts which have a direct connection to Christ.  Special meanings of each of the colors symbolize Christ, His blood, redemption, God, wisdom, royalty, honor, blessings, glory, holiness, kingdom of heaven, and the colors that Moses used when building the temple to God.  A popular soap that you can’t get enough of…use it every day!  Special packaging.  Looking for a unique and loving gift…this is it!

“Kneel down on the shore

Be thirsty no more

Go under and be purified.

Follow Christ to the mountain

Cleanse your heart and your soul

In the fountain that flows

For you, for me and for all.”

Soothing and creamy ‘food for the skin’ using only the best organic and natural ingredients guaranteed to support healthy living and high vitality.  Our special goat milk soap recipe has been fine tuned to bring you the best in complete body care, including a deep moisturizing and natural restorative complex, vitamins and minerals, high frequency essential oils, non-toxic earthen pigments for color plus our own organic / bio-dynamic farm fresh goat milk (the beauty secret of Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt).  Our fragrances are only a unique combination of pure essential oils and all are very light, clean and refreshing to the senses.  Enhanced healing frequencies in every soap add a supportive boost.  Designs change with the seasons.

Be aware that all soaps are not the same, especially goat milk soaps.  Most commercially made soap contains harsh chemicals that can have adverse effects on your skin by making it dry or cause irritations.  They are also made with harsh additives and preservatives that are not beneficial to good health and take their toll on your skin.   Fields of Gold Pure Goat Milk Soaps are completely different and are made by using healthy ingredients which are people-friendly and earth-friendly too!  We hope you enjoy our soaps from the farm and experience for yourself how good soap can make your body feel, as well as heal!

Goat Milk Body Care…So Yummy Your Skin Will Smile! 

Healthy Ingredients: 100% Organic Vegetable Oils & Butters, Pure Goat’s Milk From Our Farm, Prayer, High Frequency Pure Essential Oils, Vitamins & Minerals, Natural Earthen Pigments for Color.  Enhanced with Beneficial, Health-Giving Frequencies.

Attributes:  uplifted feeling of support; emotional and physical cleansing



“This soap has done so much for my general well-being that I’m rather blown away!  I’ve been using it every day and I’m confident that what is in the soap, has transferred to me by using it.  I feel more calm and know in my heart that I am closer to God than ever before.  Thank you!”    – CV, Asheville

“I always feel uplifted after using this soap.  It’s my favorite!  It’s amazing how it works on many levels to heal…I feel the effects and I’m happy!    – EB, Hendersonville

“I bought 6 bars…my friends have to have this soap.”    – NP, Clyde