Success Stories

Passion for Success

Passion is a key ingredient to success and it’s core to carving out your own destiny. You’ll find passion in each of these TeamLogic IT owner success stories. They were all hard-working professionals who achieved success for their employers, but they eventually yearned for something different, something to call their own. Here are their stories.

Keith Cowan & Takako “Taco” Cowan
TeamLogic IT―Mission Viejo, CA

Since opening their TeamLogic IT operation in 2007, Keith―along with his wife and co-owner Takako, “Taco”―has made their Mission Viejo, CA franchise among the most successful in the country.

Keith’s background includes a B.S. in Management from Pepperdine University and an illustrious career that included employment with System Development Corporation, Teledyne Controls, Elecsys Corporation and IPMobileNet. Despite the fact that he held executive management positions and earned the notable “Entrepreneur of the Year” award from Ernst & Young for his successful management of an IPO at Elecsys, Keith was ready for something different.

When asked why he moved from a highly successful corporate career to open his own TeamLogic IT franchise, his answer left no question marks. “It is definitely more satisfying―your work is directly invested to your own benefit.”

While Keith runs technical services and sales operations, Taco puts her math and computer science degree to work from UCLA. She runs all office and administrative tasks. “It’s very different from what I expected,” she commented on running a TeamLogic IT business. “It’s a lot more fun. I really like the comforting feeling I get from the franchise family…and the freedom you have with your own business.”

Keith firmly believes their success lies in putting to use the various resources and tools at their disposal as TeamLogic IT franchise owners. From branding advantages to collateral support and products such as SystemWatch IT, all contribute to the growing enterprise.

Keith’s advice to anyone considering joining the TeamLogic IT family is simple. “Follow the franchise system. It’s proven to me.”

Chris Cioffi & Rob Fallows
TeamLogic IT―Phoenix/Northwest Valley, AZ

Partners Chris Cioffi and Rob Fallows know a thing or two about technology. Rob spent the 1970s using his advanced degree in Data Processing and Programming Systems Analysis to put the first debit and credit card “point of sale” (POS) on the banking map. He moved on to Applied Communications, Inc. as a European Project Manager and spearheaded efforts to deploy transaction processing systems in the U.K. and in Saudi Arabia. He returned home to the U.S. where he spent the next 16 years working with American Express as a Director and later as a Vice President. Here he would meet his future business partner, Chris Cioffi.

A triple threat, Chris holds three advanced degrees including an M.B.A. from Arizona State University. Chris spent 23 years in corporate America working his way from the mail room at American Express to a Vice President position where he was responsible for managing a $6 billion global e-Procurement platform. Although he gained significant achievements at American Express he openly admits that he “planned and saved to liberate myself from corporate life.”

In 2007 he spotted the right opportunity. He met Chuck Lennon and TeamLogic IT at a franchise show in Phoenix, Arizona. “TeamLogic IT stood out from all the rest,” he noted. “They are very organized, very professional.” He enlisted his longtime colleague from American Express, Rob Fallows, as his business partner to launch TeamLogic IT.

Both men believe in the customized approach to customer service, a contributing factor to their growing clientele in various sectors―medical, real estate, engineering and other industries. “When you’re free of bureaucratic restrictions, it allows you to more directly serve the client,” Rob remarked.

Jim Hackett & Bob Calla
TeamLogic IT―Woburn and Andover, MA

Even folks who don’t live technology 24/7 see the merit in becoming a TeamLogic IT franchise owner. Just ask Jim Hackett. A direct marketing practitioner and a Variable Data Printing (VDP) expert with more than 30 years experience, Jim was hired as a consultant to work on a direct marketing project for Franchise Services, Inc. (FSI). Through this process, he learned about the TeamLogic IT business model and became intrigued with the possibility of becoming a franchise owner himself. He decided to run it up the flagpole with longtime friend Bob Calla, a seasoned pro in service and support for software publishers and resellers. Formerly a Senior Manager of Lotus Development and Director of Customer Operations for Corporate software, Bob saw promise in TeamLogic IT. He and Jim launched their Malden, Mass. TeamLogic IT in early 2007. Encouraged by their early success, they added the Andover operation in the summer of 2008.

To help get their foot in the door, Jim and Bob offer first-time customers a free hour of consultation. This marketing strategy has proven very effective; to such a great degree they have “more computers under managed contract than any other TeamLogic IT franchise in the country.” Their customers range in size from one to 75 computers.

The advantages to owning his own business have grown even beyond Jim’s original expectations. Now, his son works for the business which he hopes to pass on when he retires. “I’m excited about the opportunity to create and develop a family business,” he remarked.

For his part, Bob is very pleased with the tremendous training and support of their operations from corporate. In particular, he is impressed with the BMSS forum (Franchise Service’s password-protected online bulletin board and advice resource.) “It has been a great help for a variety of issues, from the ‘grand’ to the ‘minute’.”

Today, their business has eight employees and continues to grow based on their highly personalized service. “When I am selling our services to business owners, I understand their needs and their pain,” reflects Jim Hackett. “As a result, I am proud to present them with solutions I believe in so much―solutions I use myself.”