What are the primary responsibilities of a TeamLogic IT?

  • TeamLogic IT business owner(s) focus on building the business and managing day-to-day operations.
  • They are responsible for acquiring and developing clients and maintaining customer relationships. This activity is aided by a sales and marketing process and collateral as well as a step-by-step Sales Playbook.
  • They hire and manage technicians that will perform the work.
  • They manage all financial, purchasing and other operational aspects of the business.

What will it cost to open a TeamLogic IT?
The start-up costs to open a TeamLogic IT business break down as follows:

Initial Franchise Fee:
Vehicle Graphics Package:
Initial Equipment Package:
$3,000 to $5,000
Software Licenses:
$2,100 to $3,500
Additional Funds*:
$40,000 to $60,000
Required Liquidity:

* Additional Funds reflect an estimate of the working capital you will need on hand during the initial phase of business operations including but not limited to: initial employee wages, utility deposits, insurance, advertising, legal and accounting fees, permit costs, dues (i.e. Chamber of Commerce), apparel, recruitment, miscellaneous training expenses, high speed Internet connection set-up, initial inventory of computer supplies as well as additional operating capital for other variable costs (i.e. rent, electricity, telephone and heat) cleaning and other supplies.

What type of franchise candidate is TeamLogic IT looking for?
If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create your own future, then TeamLogic IT may be an excellent business opportunity for you. Many of our franchise owners were once Directors of IT for small companies, executives in corporate America, engineers or technology consultants, et al. Today, they use their personal experience in combination with TeamLogic IT’s four operating systems to advance toward their dream of economic independence. If you have ambition, the will to work hard and the exceptional franchise foundation of TeamLogic IT, you’ll be on your way towards achieving your entrepreneurial goals.

What type of training does TeamLogic IT provide?
You receive five days of hands-on training at TeamLogic IT University in Mission Viejo, CA. Focus is on our four operating systems followed by our proprietary online technical training. This provides someone with little or no IT experience the ability to communicate and market the services of a TeamLogic IT business.

What type of assistance is provided after opening a TeamLogic IT business?
The corporate team at Franchise Services, Inc. (FSI) and TeamLogic IT are committed to our franchise owners’ success. We provide ongoing assistance with understanding and implementing our four operating systems. Our marketing team is dedicated to the development and implementation of a wide array of online and traditional marketing tools and programs. We have technical support that will assist you with everything from hiring technicians to solving problems on-site at a client location.