Aug 6 2016

New York Times Could Kick Voter Suppression While It’s Still Up

Media interest in the issue of voter suppression is welcome; we hope they’ll remember that their spotlight is most useful where folks are still working in shadow.

Aug 6 2016

‘The Real Battle Is, Who’s Going to Own the Energy Supply?’

CounterSpin interview with Harvey Wasserman on renewables and nuclear energy

“These guys running around defending nuclear power aren’t just defending nuclear power. What they’re really about is protecting the grid, which is corporate-owned and corporate-controlled.”

Aug 5 2016

Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson on A Vision for Black Lives, William Hartung on US Arms Trade

The Movement for Black Lives has never relied on corporate media to get their message out. But the coalition’s newly released policy platform does provide an opportunity for journalists—sometimes given to ponder what black activists are for—to engage those ideas.

Aug 4 2016

‘We Have to Have Disability as Part of Our Discussion’

CounterSpin interview with David Perry on disability and police violence

“The media will talk about someone with mental illness, but it’s often in a way that blames the mental illness for the eventual force used against them.”

Aug 3 2016

Pundits Lament Loss of a Reasonable, Competent GOP That Never Was

The curious rise of Donald Trump has led to public soul-searching from establishment Republicans–who suffer from a severe case of dewy-eyed nostalgia over how reasonable and competent the pre-Trump GOP actually was.

Aug 2 2016

For Corporate Media, Bloomberg Is the Better Billionaire

That so many media elites threw their lot behind Michael Bloomberg—a man whose primary accomplishments as mayor were austerity and racist policing—shows just how little policy matters in so much of this conversation.

Aug 2 2016

Meet the Press Grills WikiLeaks on Source, Ignores Substance of DNC Emails

Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd asked WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange a total of eight questions, all of which were about alleged foreign hacking of the DNC, never asking about the substance of the leaks.

Aug 1 2016

NYT Leads With Russia Hack Conspiracy–Despite ‘No Evidence’ (in Next-to-Last Paragraph)

It is not until the 20th paragraph of the 21-paragraph article, on page A13 in the print edition, that the New York Times reveals a crucial point of clarification: Clinton “campaign officials acknowledge that they have no evidence” that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to tilt the election to Donald Trump.