The footage spliced together in the video above comes directly from the home library of Adele Diamond and her husband, Don. During her interview, she told Krista the following story:

"So I think mysteries are just wonderful. It's very interesting because when I made this book for the Dalai Lama, I put a lot of love and time and effort into it. And my husband said, who came with me to Dharamsala said, 'If you're going to give him a present, I want to give him a present too.' So he wanted to give him a kite because he didn't think the Dalai Lama got to spend enough time playing.

And so then he found online that he could get a package of 10 plain undecorated kites very inexpensively. So he asked me if I could find classes of school children to decorate them. So I contacted a colleague, Kim Schonert-Reichl, and she helped me find a class of children with developmental disorders, many of them ADHD, who were either not on medication or on reduced medication because they were doing mindfulness. So they had heard of the Dalai Lama, and they were very excited to be decorating these kites. And there were two children per kite. So on one side, they did self portraits, so it looked like a Picasso because half of the kite is one child's face and half of the kite is the other child's face. Anyway, so my husband brings all these to Dharamsala and we get a private audience with His Holiness and we had the wisdom not to bring all the kites with us to the audience because the Dalai Lama said thank you but it was very clear he wasn't going to fly any kites; he was going to put them in a drawer.

So after that we went to visit Matthieu Ricard at Katmandu, where he has a Tibetan monastery. And he has many humanitarian projects in connection with that and one of them are schools for poor children. Any background, doesn't matter, religious or ethnic. They call it bamboo schools because the buildings are all made out of bamboo. So we went to these bamboo schools and we brought the rest of the kites and we gave it to the children there. They had never flown kites before, and they were so happy to be flying these kites. And Matthieu was so happy to see the children so happy. And we took photos and videos and I brought them back to the class in Vancouver to the children who had been studying mindfulness and I showed them the pictures and they were so happy to see how happy they had made the other children.

And one of them said, 'You know, we're on the other side of the world but we're all connected.'"

As if Diamond's descriptions of the Dalai Lama, Nepal, bamboo schools, and children painting kites weren't enticing enough, we wanted to visualize the scene of those children flying kites. What strikes me is an immense amount of joy — the children playing and Adele and Don watching their gift come to life. I hope you enjoy these few minutes of seeing the world through an act of simplicity — flying and entangling a kite in a tree.

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I really loved this whole program with Adele Diamond. Thank you, Ms. Tippett and thank you, NPR! Very well done and such great information for educators and parents.

I found the story about the function of play in learning to be timely for me in that one of my five school age children struggles with doing his best, appearing unfocused when he should be learning. In coordination with the school's principal and his teacher, we have recently changed our mindset on the negative reinforcement provided by detentions and have expanded his world by allowing him to play basketball with friends twice a week; the school also has allowed a reduction in assigned work to enable him to achieve, and have a feeling of achievement. We've just recently started this, so we'll have to see the results over the next couple months. My job involves much in the way of continuing education, and I will see what I may do to incorporate the idea of a fun learning environment in a technically challenging industrial profession. In prior experience as an instructor I would provide my students, from time to time, a bit of comic relief by emphasizing that these are the FUNdamentals, emphasis on fun.

I wanted to listen more to Adele Diamond. As a parent of an autistic child, i never heard the term mindfulness for non medicated children, He is in denial and not in accepting his autism, and i connected with this as he also is mindfulness. As I hear his laughter of many things i vividly imagined the children and the kites. Yes, Thank you Ms. Tippett and thank you, NPR....

The video is so delightful. I especially enjoyed hearing the laughter from the videographer, whom I assume is Don. Thank you, Krista, for introducing me to yet another inspirational person, Adele Diamond. Her wisdom is confirmation of my own experience and belief system about learning, and happiness...and so much more.