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The Myth of Trump’s Alternative Worldview

His foreign policy isn’t an alternative to US empire. It’s a cruder rendition of it.

John Feffer


Olympic Joy in the Face of Erasure

On the mat, Rafaela Silva won for her marginalized favela. In the streets, activists are winning the right to protest.

Dave Zirin

Chemical Burns, Frostbite, Broken Bones—All for Cheap Chicken

The workers who put poultry on your table are subject to horrible conditions on the job.

Michelle Chen
Economic Policy

Donald Trump Spreads Economic Fairy Dust

He’s pushing the same old failures of Reaganomics: tax cuts for the rich and deregulation, along with nostalgia for an industrial era long gone.

Jeff Madrick
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Special Report

‘They’re Coming for the Ones You Love’: My Weekend of Gun Training in the Desert

At Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, fear is a booming business.
Patrick Blanchfield

I sat here for a reason,” says Mike Meacher. “Put me somewhere else, and I’m not a happy camper.” We’re in the back corner of the dining room of the Mountain Falls Golf Club in Pahrump, Nevada, about hour west of Las Vegas. A trim man in his 60s, Meacher… Continue Reading >

Election 2016

Are Hillary Clinton’s Strong Poll Numbers Misleading?

Pundits are afraid that Trump is doing better than the numbers suggest.

Jon Wiener

Donald Trump Is Already Setting Up His Next Con

Trump’s lies about election rigging will do real damage to a Clinton presidency.

Joan Walsh

Did Donald Trump Just Suggest Hillary Should Be Assassinated?

It’s not about what Trump truly meant, but what his supporters will hear.

George Zornick
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Books & the Arts

Brand Yeezy

To what extent can Kanye West continue to foreground the commercial components that make his art possible before we no longer consider him an artist at all?

Angela Flournoy

Before the 1 Percenters, There Were the Uzedas

In The Viceroys, Frederico De Roberto’s novel of the Risorgimento, the Uzeda family corrupts everything it touches.

Frederika Randall

The Gadfly and the Spider

Justin E.H. Smith wants to convince academic philosophers that it’s a problem to define philosophy narrowly as a Western endeavor.

Nausicaa Renner

Take Action

Demand That Politicians Fight to Get Women a Raise

The Economic Policy Institute has released a plan to close the gender wage gap.

Take Action Now! >

Watch and Listen

Listen: Start Making Sense: Will Hillary’s Outreach to Bernie’s Supporters Work?

John Nichols on Hillary in Philadelphia, D.D. Guttenplan on the Bernie movement, and Amy Wilentz on gender and politics.

July 29, 2016
July 5, 2016

View: Los Angeles Is a Very Different City After Dark

Photos show how the cityscape is remade each night.

July 6, 2016