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HASPEY is a very rare surname with few known variations in spelling, those of HASPY and ASPEY being most common, although there are close variations with HASPERY and HASPRAY. This database is focused on Haspy and Haspey. Research that I have undertaken has been able to establish some links in 18th century spelling errors in some public records such as Parish Registers, Census Indices etc., and these are noted. These included ASPY, HASBY and in one case the IGI Index asserts that the origin is HUSBY but I have never been able to confirm this myself, and remain sceptical.

Most of the research into the name would indicate that it's original location was in north west Cheshire in England.

In England formal registration of births, marriages and deaths commenced in 1838 and this site contains extracted lists of all entries in the English registration index for each Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths.

Whilst the national indices themselves are copyright of the Public Record Office, the extraction and format of the HASPEY INDEX is copyright of Don Dickson. Use of the data is free for non profit family genealogical and academic purposes but please quote the reference D. G. Dickson (1999) quoting this web site.

To search the Haspey Lists you can use the "Find" tool in the displayed page. The lists are not a database as such, they are "Text Lists".

Lists are created for Births, Marriages and Deaths, sorted by date of registration and Forename.

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