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September 2005–June 2006


Blackson, Thomas A., Induction and Experience in Metaphysics 1.1 541-52

Byers, Sarah, Life as “Self-Motion”: Descartes and the Aristotelians on the Soul as the Life of the Body 723-55

Crosson, Frederick J., Esoteric versus Latent Teaching 73-93

De Laurentiis, Allegra, Metaphysical Foundations of the History of Philosophy: Hegel’s 1820 Introduction to the “Lectures on the History of Philosophy” 3-31

Den Uyl, Douglas J., and Douglas B. Rasmussen, The Myth of Atomism 841-68

Dougherty, M. V., Thomas Aquinas on the Manifold Senses of Self-Evidence 601-30

Gardner, John, Wrongs and Faults 95-132

Hubler, J. Noel, The Perils of Self-Perception: Explanations of Apperception in the Greek Commentaries on Aristotle 287-311 (59.2)

Merritt, Mellissa McBay, Science and the Synthetic Method of the “Critique of Pure Reason” 517-39

Murphy, Mark C., The Common Good 133-64

Nassar, Dalia, Immediacy and Mediacy in Schleiermacher’s “Reden über die Religion” 807-40

Pietersma, Henry, What Happened to Epistemology in Our Tradition? 553-76

Reid, James D., Ethical Criticism in Heidegger’s Early Freiburg Lectures 33-71

Rescher, Nicholas, Optimalism and the Rationality of the Real: On the Prospects of Axiological Explanation 503-16

Rescher, Nicholas, Textuality, Reality, and the Limits of Knowledge 355-77

Sokolowski, Robert, Visual Intelligence in Painting 333-54

Velkley, Richard L., On Possessed Individualism: Hegel, Socrates’ Daimon, and the Modern State 577-99

Wall, John, Phronesis as Poetic: Moral Creativity in Contemporary Aristotelianism 313-31

Westphal, Kenneth R., How Does Kant Prove that We Perceive, and Not Merely Imagine, Physical Objects? 781-806

Winfield, Richard Dien, Self-Consciousness and Intersubjectivity 757-79

Wood, Robert E., Potentiality, Creativity, and Relationality: Creative Power as a “New” Transcendental? 379-401


Summaries and Comments 165-210, 403-60, 631-88, 869-914

Reviewer Index 211-12, 461-62, 689-90, 915-16

Recent Titles in Philosophy 917-35


Philosophical Abstracts 213-44, 463-91, 691-711, 937-62


Doctoral Dissertations 245-67

Visiting Professors 269-73

Retiring Professors 273-75


Paul Ricoeur, 1913-2005.By Charles Reagan 277-78

Edward Pols, 1919-2005. By Barbara S. Held 493-94

Raymond Klibansky, 1905-2005. By Riccardo Pozzo 713-14 

Joseph Owens, CSSR, 1908-2005. By Michael Ewbank 715-716


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