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  1. Can you imagine that some people are actually buying new full-priced games during the sale! Outrageous! :)

  2. I'll write a detailed blog post later this week with final number. But anyway, the sale was bigger than the last year's, and that's great!

  3. I did some filtering on numbers and removed the games that weren't discounted. The revenue from the sale is closer to $228M. It's not final.

  4. There is some guy in Russia claiming to be me and selling ads on Steam Spy. Don't trust him. Also, there are no ads on Steam Spy :)

  5. "I already have every good game on Steam" is a gaming equivalent of "Let them eat cake."

  6. It's interesting watching core gamers (basically the 1%) discussing general Steam audience based on their own experiences

  7. two things: 1) removed incentiv to wait (flash sales) 2) added incentive to discover (cards for crawling disc. queue)

  8. excellent -- this is in line with what I was predicting after the new format was tried in the winter sale

  9. Average discount was lower this time: 50% vs 66%. It's great for developers - we're no longer racing to the bottom.

  10. Seems like removing an incentive to wait instead of buying (flash sales, daily deals) helped :)

  11. It seems this Steam Summer Sale was way more successful than the previous one: $236M vs $160M in revenue, 37M games vs 33M sold.

  12. I need three full days to pass after Steam Summer Sale to come up with some data based on it. Hopefully I'll have something this Friday

  13. There are over 30,000 registered users on now!

  14. Note: doesn't account for downloadable or console games in this study. So overall games market is bigger than shown here

  15. published their estimates of Russian gaming market I converted Rubles to USD

  16. What kind of steam refund stats are other Devs seeing? This seem about normal?

  17. I think I found the bug. My incredible SQL skills never stop to amaze me. SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT()) from a table with 10M rows. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  18. I'm aware of problems with geography, trying to figure out what caused that.

  19. Also, a lot more of games have become available this year than the last one, so most of the devs will discount their new products

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