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  1. Wish I lived closer. This looks intriguing. Norfolk & Norwich Festival | Words and ideas | The Story Machine:

  2. Love the story machine but I'm going to miss it!

  3. The Story Machine is one of ten acts not to miss at according to . It will be epic!

  4. Weird. Now that we've reduced Alison Weir tickets from £700 to £7, they're selling like hot cakes.

  5. I've got one more surprise up my sleeve for Story Machine. I'll show tonight when I see him. Wheeee!

  6. Killing the Poet Laureate: enters the Story Machine

  7. Our second Story Machine blog offers a peek behind-the-scenes at its production!

  8. Among many other things, they also collected and drove a vast number of books to the refugee library in Calais.

  9. The Special Relationship's Next Show -

  10. thespians step right this way! Jump into the Story Machine and help us bring it to life at :

  11. Superb final chapters, witnessed live, thank you want to reread it now.

  12. "It is not down on any map; true places never are." Loved , will be reading w...

    "It is not down on any map; true places never are." Loved #MobyDick...
    Vine by Anna Stothard
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  13. Special Relationship followed , , and 9 others
  14. Photo: “Louise Brealey just one of the many great readers at . Well done to .” [x]

  15. Congrats on the epic reading. You made accessible a book that always looked intimidating to me.

  16. Thank you to and for the amazing adventure.

  17. Sorting out my photos from I've posted my favourites here

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