We Own It Poster

One worker, one vote! That’s the motto of worker-owned businesses all over the world. What sets worker co-ops apart from other businesses is their ownership and decision-making structure. Every worker is also an owner, and has an equal say in how the business operates. Having decision-making power over wages and working conditions is especially important for low-wage earners and people who work unstable jobs. But how do worker co-ops work? And how do you start or join one?

The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) teamed up with Sunset Park-based Center for Family Life, designer Amanda Buck, and illustrator Melissa Crowton to create We Own It!,a fold-out poster that breaks down how worker co-ops work. The project is aimed at increasing awareness of worker co-ops across the city, and increasing access to them among low-income New Yorkers in particular.

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