Boxrec Rank Mayweather

BoxRec Rank Mayweather The Greatest Boxer of All Time

Published On June 13, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News, Boxing Views and Opinion

Popular boxing records site Boxrec have given Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather a bump up to number one on top of their pound for pound best boxers of all time list.

Boxrec, an excellent site that we use regularly here at Boxing News and Views when researching fighter records and stats, as does probably most of the boxing world to be fair, has made a rather controversial decision in the eyes of some as of today (1:30 BST, June 13th, 2016).

Floyd Mayweather, recognised by most as certainly the best fighter of his era, one of the very best defensive fighters of all time and probably in a lot of people’s top ten pound for pound all time lists, has topped their all time list ahead of greats such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and others:

boxrec rank mayweather

Image source and credit: BoxRec

Floyd Mayweather as things stand is officially ‘retired’ but in the opinion of many fight fans, will inevitably probably make a comeback this or possibly next year.

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