Gabe Weatherhead posts an extensive set of notes on moving towards an all Taskpaper system. As an avid Taskpaper user and fan, Gabe also points out a lot of resources and tools that revolve around the Taskpaper world.

Personally, I use PlainTasks for SublimeText, nvALT, Drafts for iOS, and TextDrop the webapp in addition to the Taskpaper iOS apps.

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Tasque is possibly the next iteration of Taskpaper for iOS. With the demise of Taskpaper's iOS apps being announced earlier this month, it appears, whether officially or unofficially, that Amit Chaudhary has taken over the app from Hog Bay Software.

While the app appears to be identical to the original Taskpaper app, it does have a couple bugs — most notably is that their Dropbox API account still appears to be in the development status. As opposed to production status, development status limits the amount of "testers" that may link their Dropbox account to the app.

Despite the premature status of the app, it's good to know that more apps (i.e. Listacular) are attempting to pick up the reins for an app that I truly depend on.

Update: I just read a post that Jesse Grosjean posted earlier this month that states that he has released the source code for Taskpaper. So that explains the identical nature of the app. What remains to be seen is whether Tasque's updates will progress the app or just maintain it.

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Todd Carmichael shows off his "Polished Immersion" coffee brewing method which involves brewing via full immersion and filtering through a Able Kone filter as well as a paper Chemex filter.

Seems like a more manual method of the Clever Coffee Dripper, but with the additional layer of filtration. By having the paper filter outside of the Kone, this should eliminate sediment which metal filters generally allow through. Unfortunately, I currently cannot try this method out as I do not have a Kone filter, but I suspect the resulting cup to be more sweet with less of the acidic bite.

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EverMemo for iOS is a universal app gives a lightweight/efficient client experience to a Evernote notebook in your account. While the concept isn't new, they pulled off the execution really well as the app has the feel of a plain text app with nice design elements.

The app also includes a neat concept known as Mocha, which is a stream of shared notes. While the intent of the feature is nice, I'd prefer a way to turn it off completely as I have no use for it.

While the app fortunately includes full text search throughout all of your notes, it does lack TextExpander integration, Markdown previewing, and a lot of other power user features. But partnering up EverMemo as the note-lookup client with Drafts as the note-taking client, the experience for me has been rather pleasant.

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Realizations (that fall within this site's scope) that I've experienced this year:

  • Transition is hard. Transition also doesn't give a damn about any of your preferences and desires. Transition has taken me away from the little things I value deeply — such as this website, listening to podcasts, finalizing my notes system, and other parts of my nerd persona

  • During my drought period, which I am slowly recovering from, I really missed writing here

  • Evernote has regained its spot on my homescreen

  • The truth of hardware supporting software becomes more relavent in my life. In the case of the Retina iPad mini, it didn't feel much different from my non-Retina mini. However, it's the guts of the new iPad mini that give me this illusion

  • On the other side of the spectrum, the iPhone 5 doesn't feel slow at all to me despite having toyed around with the 5s for a good amount of time

  • I depended on, ditched, and now reconciling my differences with Instapaper

  • I have reduced my coffee aparatus collection from 8 brewers to three — Aeropress, V60, and Kalita Wave

  • A Kalita Wave glass dripper is very fragile

  • While I hate the idea of being a "minimalist" and think it's a bunch of bull, I am currently undergoing the process of ridding myself of excess.

  • Put your family before yourself should be on everybodys manifesto.

  • Pinboard is truly a staple in my system

  • The allure of going plain text for todos and tasks is great, but mainly because OmniFocus has gotten "boring" for consistently watching my back

  • I will never win at Fantasy Football

  • Due to the past few hectic months, there are apps that I haven't even delved into yet — such as Editorial.

  • I know less about tech gossip now more than ever

  • It's a great feeling that I can grow a moustache that can creep out the people that I know

  • No matter what computer you're at, having Sublime Text always open with the 3 column layout selected is a very handy and versatile tool

  • Signal to noise ratio, my friends. Signal to noise ratio.

  • I will never say "twenty thirteen" — I'll take my "two thousand and thirteen" with my HD-DVDs and ZIP drives, please

Thanks for reading.

Over at Kickstarter, there's a new campaign for a coffee brewer called the Duo Coffee Steeper. In essence, it is a Chemex style device by appearance but differs in function by allowing the water and grounds to partake in full-immersion brewing, or "steeping".

Of course, this is just like the Clever Coffee Dripper1.

Of course, I'll probably try it anyway.

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  1. Not too big of a fan of the Clever Coffee Dripper. While it does make coffee in an almost full proof method, the resulting brew comes off lackluster, IMO. 

I only have one reaction towards Patrick Welker's Evernote Filing Suite for Keyboard Meastro which is a collection of macros to help simplify filing various content to Evernote — simply, wow.

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Eidetic is a universal app for iOS that offers interval testing of definitions, quotes, numbers, and notes in order to help you better memorize certain information.

While there are cheaper ways to memorize something (keep reciting it until you get it), this offers a convenient way to test your memory by alerting you via push notifications that it is time for your test.

So what am I using this for? Preparing myself for a much longer and more difficult 1Password Master Password.

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So Reddit user, youareboy, points out that tapping the camera icon on your iPhone's lockscreen while having your flashlight on will turn it off.

As someone who:

  1. Constantly uses the flashlight feature,
  2. Locks the screen after in attempts to turn said flashlight off,
  3. Constantly forgets that number 2 does not turn off the flashlight — so would have to press the lock button to turn the screen back on, swipe up to access Control Center, and then tap the flashlight icon to toggle it off,

that tip would actually save me some time. If only I could remember that locking the screen doesn't turn off the flashlight.

If only.

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Gabe Weatherhead shows us a neat email alias method in Fastmail which is essentially follows this format to file into existing folders:

This is method is better for spam tracking/prevention as opposed to the more popular Gmail method since a lot of websites reject email addresses that contain a "+".

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