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There are many ways of engaging with the language and culture of German-speaking countries. Our site offers numerous resources for both teachers and learners, including:



  •  Click here to find out about the schools in the North West which are part of our network and discover the kinds of language initiatives they have been coming up with!


  •  Click here to find out about the career profiles of network members and supporters and the paths they took which led to a career using German.












Courses offered include German for beginners, intermediate and advanced as well as courses on translation and conversation classes.







  • pairportTravel and Exchanges – Spending time abroad as part of your studies has proven benefits in more ways than you might think! Read more about work and study abroad.
  • You might like to read some of the year-abroad essays written by university students to find about what they get up to in their time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


  • MS. Laud Lat. 90 fol. 102r detail CROPPEDResearch Opportunities – Read more about funding for study and research abroad, German research libraries, learned associations for German culture, research training opportunities, and funding for further studies.




  • sttfCareers with Languages – Being able to speak more than one language opens up a huge range of career opportunities and makes you more appealing to potential employers. Read about careers for people with degrees in German.


  • medalsEvents & Competitions – Here are some useful links to events and competitions for learners of German, including Translation Nation, the UK Linguistics Olympiad and Internationale Deutscholympiade.




Reading and watching films, looking at a Swiss-German newspaper online, tuning in to a radio station that broadcasts from Berlin, or browsing an Austrian online magazine – all these are excellent ways of honing your comprehension skills and keeping up with central European news and views.

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