Hot Start PCR - The Next Generation From TriLink

TriLink's CleanAmp primers are designed for hot start PCR activation. These primers feature thermolabile modifications which prevent primer extension under the lower temperature conditions of PCR setup, making them ideal for hot start applications.

The modifications are removed by a hot start activation step to create an unmodified primer that helps amplify the target by eliminating mispriming events and elimination of primer dimer extension. Since CleanAmp Primers are compatible with many standard DNA polymerases, they make hot start DNA polymerases unnecessary in most hot start PCR applications.

CleanAmp primers are available in two different configurations: Precision Primer and Turbo modifications, each of which offers different release rates (with Turbo's thermal activation being more rapid) which can be used to produce better results in reverse transcription PCR, multiplex PCR and other applications.

The primers provide exemplary performance across a wide range of uses, including forensics, molecular diagnostics, the detection of infectious agents and validating gene expression. TriLink CleanAmp primer modifications many be introduced into standard DNA sequences of 15-40 bases and are scalable up to commercial quantities.

TriLink's CleanAmp Precision and Turbo primers are the product of the company's twelve plus years of experience in custom modifications; expertise which means the end result is some of the highest quality primers available.

Both varieties of CleanAmp primer are supplied cartridge purified, but can also be supplied RP-HPLC purified to meet the particular demands of client applications. Like all TriLink products, CleanAmp primers pass rigorous PAGE, MS and RP-HPLC quality control processes to ensure that the meet the highest possible standards of quality.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 11:18:16