How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is an amazing time, it’s the time in a woman’s life when she is naturally transitioning from just womanhood to the realm of motherhood. Gradually getting to know your growing baby is an incredibly precious feeling and for myself was a very exciting time.

Although, it’s not all so delightful, the reality is that as your body increasingly adapts and changes to your growing child, often so does the restlessness, together with the aches and pains.  At times it can be challenging to even get to sleep, especially in your second and third trimester.

However it’s not all bad news, there are many modern innovations that have made our life easier and have helped us solve problems suffered by those that came before us. Once such innovation is the pregnancy or maternity pillow, promising to provide support and comfort is one of its major claims, one which I can personally vouch for.

Pregnancy pillows are not automatic objects though, they do require some competency from their user. By that I mean you need to know how to use them effectively, in order to get their maximum comfort and support.

The Types of Pregnancy Pillows

The way you use your pregnancy pillow depends on the type of maternity pillow in question. There are a few main types of pillows designed especially for pregnant women, these include pregnancy wedge pillows, pregnancy full body pillows and total body pillows.

The pregnancy wedge pillow

This pillow like the name suggests is wedge shaped, and so is designed to be placed under you and provide support to your stomach. When using a wedge pillow make sure to sleep on your side as this is the most appropriate sleeping position to adopt during pregnancy.

The wedge is then simple place underneath your side while the upper, chunkiest part of the wedge is under your stomach, supporting your tummy and baby throughout the night.

The pregnancy full Length body pillow

A lot of the time people avoid buying pillows as they don’t understand how to use them properly, but it’s really simple. Unlike the usual, small pillows full body pregnancy pillows are supposed to be hugged like a person.  A good way to sleep with one is to embrace it with your legs wrapped at either side.

A good quality pregnancy pillow can provide really great support to you and your baby during sleep, this is especially helpful in the third trimester when sleeping can become very uncomfortable.

Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Unlike the wedge and full length pregnancy pillows, the total body pregnancy pillows are designed to encase your entire body, providing the best possible support for your pregnant body. These are typically around 6 foot in length easily able to provide full body support and comfort for the majority of mothers.


There are two key varieties of total body pregnancy pillows, including c shaped and u shaped pillows. The letter given to the type represents the shape of the pillow e.g. the c variety of this pillow type is shaped like the letter c, and the u is shaped like the letter c.

Although both shaped pillows are full body pillows, each is used in a different way.

How to Use a C Shaped Body Pillow

To use the C shaped body pillow is simple, simply place one end of it between your legs as though you were riding a bike, while the top of the C is where you rest your head. The inner part of the C is designed to provide support for your back, taking the pressure away from your spine.

How to Use a U Shaped Body Pillow

The U shaped body pillow is designed to be hugged like a tree. The U shaped body pillow provides support for both sides of your body, unlike the C shaped body pillow. This is a great option for mothers who love to sleep on their back but during pregnancy are having a difficult time.

The U shaped pillow provides comfort and support for your head, neck and spine and legs.