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Faculdade Santa Marcelina
São Paulo, Brazil


University description (as per official university website)

The School is operated by Marcelina Marcelina Association - ASM, formerly Association of College of Angels, Legal Person of Private Law, nonprofit and undetermined, founded in 01/01/1915 and transferred its headquarters and venue for the Botucatu the city of São Paulo, São Paulo, as set out in Paper No. 12-A, Registration No. 6527, Book of Legal Persons of the 1st Registry of Deeds and Documents of São Paulo.

The Faculdade Santa Marcelina - FASM, as Catholic Institution of Higher Education, are founded on official documents of the Church universal in scope, especially in "Christian Wisdom: Apostolic Constitution on universities and colleges Católicas1, the Apostolic Constitution of Pope John Paul II on universities in the local Church - Guidelines and Standards for Catholic universities - and the documents of the International Institute of the Sisters of St. Marcellina, to develop their educational Christian, social and cultural. She has been performing its mission, prioritizing the option by young people, open to the needs of today's world since 1929. It has two units located in Partridges and Itaquera, respectively.

The FASM realizes its mission by training professionals responsible for the development of scientific, technological, artistic, cultural, political and social areas of Administration, Arts, Arts Education, Nursing, Fashion Design, Music, Technology and International Relations in Radiology Medicine.
Today the Santa Marcelina College is authorized by Opinion No. 1.043/80 and the Ministerial Decree No. 519 of 31 August 1981.

The FASM keeps the Education Unit of Partridges - the Bachelor of Arts Education with majors in Fine Arts and Music Courses Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Music and International Relations. The graduate program offers specialized courses in Visual Arts, Design Creation and Development of Footwear and Fashion Accessories, Fashion and Creation in International Negotiations. The MA focuses on the areas of Production, Theory and Criticism in the Visual Arts.

In 1961 began, in the Eastern Region, Casa de Saúde Santa Marcelina - GSSM, a Charitable Institution building activities with the poor. Needed is for professionals providing care to patients. As an educator, a former Superior Sister Sophia Marchetti begins in 1969, the School of Nursing Assistants "Marcelina", now the Training School of Health Professionals Sophia Marchetti, which aims to train professionals in the Middle Level Technician.
The training of other professionals as necessary and new courses were started Practical Nursing, Biodiagnostics, Medical Radiology, Assistant electrocardiogram, and the small initial nucleus multiplied and today has more than 35 years of operation and more than 3,000 graduates in various areas middle level students in health.
With the union of traditional and innovative Faculdade Santa Marcelina - Teaching Unit of Partridges, the Association Santa Marcelina authorizing the establishment in 1998 of the Education Unit of Itaquera. On January 2, 1999, by resolution of the Board of the Association Santa Marcelina in Extraordinary Assembly, creates the Faculdade Santa Marcelina - Teaching Unit Itaquera.

Teaching this Unit are kept Courses Business Administration, Nursing and Medical Radiology Technologist. The Program of Postgraduate Sensu Lato, begun in 2003, offers courses in the areas of Nursing, Health and Administration. In 2006, it offered 10 specialization courses which are: Obstetrical Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Pain Management in Nursing, Neonatal Nursing, Management Units and Nursing Services, Education and Training in Health, Family Health, Public Health, Management Quality and Economic and Financial Management. Still feasible in 2005-2007, the Multidisciplinary Residency in Family Health, a partnership between CSSM, Core Training Santa Marcelina and FASM.
The FASM has today three basic lines of higher education:
• Degree, aimed at training teachers of Art Education;
• Bachelor, aimed at training professionals in the areas of Administration, Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Nursing, Music, and International Relations of
• Technology - Advanced Course in Medical Radiology Technology.
Bucking the current trend to mass education, focused on technique and prematurely specialized, FASM remains faithful to a philosophy of individualized learning, humanistic and global.
The Faculty has Marcelina Programs Postgraduate Sensu Lato Sensu stricto and in which they undertake to develop the skills required in the different scenarios of health institutions, education, art and the different specialties, for professionals to participate as subjects in implementation of Policies and Practices of Health, Management of care and education guided by the guidelines of the NHS and the values of the profession.

Institutional Mission:

Through education, focused on higher education and committed to the transformation of society, contribute to human development based on Christian values and principles, humanitarian, professional and ethical.

Institutional Values:

Born from the inspiration of the founder of the Congregation Marcelina - Blessed Luigi Biraghi - in their desire to contribute to the renewal of society with attention to the signs of the times, to proclaim Jesus, make Him known and loved to make people enthusiastic for him and live your message. "Teaching Jesus" is a commitment that must be experienced by the religious educator and all that with her, dedicated to this mission.

In FASM, the mission has Marcelina lay partners committed to being educational presence that is realized by the method of Marcelino "living together in the spirit of family", educating the student with the power of love and example that builds up. Its mission is represented on the commitment to offer the professional a solid human and Christian to recognize Jesus in each person who attends - child, youth, adult, elder - revealing to him His loving and merciful.

Thus, FASM prepare citizens capable of seeking the challenges that jeopardize the life, as professionals committed to social action, relevant to the areas they serve, appreciates the high quality education with an educational component individually.

The result of this quality depends on the continued effort of a group formed by the united and harmonious sweet body

The Faculty

The education and care to all human beings are part of the dynamic process of social-seeking quality of life. The Faculdade Santa Marcelina in these 80 years devoted to educational work, has done his work focused on the development of human values and citizenship skills in their students. The FASM stands for high quality teaching, with an educational component that works the qualification of people on individual basis.

Recognized as a responsible charity, the congregation develops its action Marcelina building on its foundational charism, with the goal to orient, train and educate young people and all entrusted to them to fulfill their mission of renewing society through educational activities. In many parts of the world and over the years, develops its activities through schools, hospitals, charities, hospices, day care, popular education and parish programs. In Brazil, the educational action Marcelina includes higher education, working on three fronts: two units of FASM in São Paulo (Partridges and Itaquera) and Minas Gerais with FAFISM (Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters Santa Marcelina) in the city of Muriaé.

Since 1929, a growing demand, contributing to the knowledge offered by FASM people who seek distinction in their careers, and opt for one of its higher education: in Partridges, undergraduate courses are available in the areas of Visual Arts, Arts Education, Fashion , Music and International Relations; Itaquera in the areas of Administration, Nursing and Medical Technology in Radiology. Courses Postgraduate Sensu Lato (Specialisation) and stricto sensu (Master), and extension courses, open to the community - complete the offer of FASM.

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