Testimonial liposuction – Joanne

Joanne’s thank you letter

Age: 35
Town: Corby



I am absolutely over the moon with my results!

Dear Libby and John,

Just a quick message to thank you both very much for your support before, during, and after the surgery.

In particular John thanks for looking after me so well an absolute star.  Libby thanks too- very informative and most helpful in every aspect.


Liposuction - before -  front - Joanne

Before the liposuction from front

Liposuction - after -  front - Joanne

After the liposuction from front

Liposuction - before -  back- Joanne

Before liposuction from back

Liposuction - before - side - Joanne

Before liposuction from side

Liposuction - after -  back- Joanne

After liposuction from back

Liposuction - after - side - Joanne

After liposuction from side












I have to say I anticipated some degree  of pain, whereas in truth  all I experienced  was mild light aching and feeling of tightness – as if I had recently done 100’s of sit ups.  Initially my thighs felt  as if nothing had been done to them. Although a few days later they did start to ache a bit. As each day passed I expected to encounter some serious pain but there was none!  Yes, some mild discomfort and tightness but that’s all. I can’t praise the surgeon highly enough and honestly believe my lack of bruising etc. was down to his skills.

John and Libby if you ever need me to compose a testimonial or speak to any of your prospective clients just let me know.

Forever grateful,


Jo sent us some of her wedding photographs!


Joanne - wedding - 1

Joanne at her wedding

Joanne - wedding - 2

Joanne looking outstanding!

Joanne - wedding - 3

Before the wedding

Joanne - wedding - 4

Happy times…