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Malta Memories 

Stories and Recollections

Malta Town Historian Terry Ulrich Gay put out a call for people interested in sharing their stories about growing up in the town of Malta, New York, “A Family Town”.  Malta was on the verge of welcoming a large new manufacturing facility.  The town was about to change forever, and Terry wanted to gather history from the people who lived it.

Over fifty people came to the once a month meetings Terry held to assist people to tell their stories.  Terry arranged the stories and the photographs many people brought along to form a wonderful picture of the rural “home town” for so many.

Terry chose Adirondack Press to do the final editing and formatting for the individual pictures with the stories.  Malta Memories was a wonderful project - bringing together the stories and memories of so many people, maintaining each voice in the story of a lovely “home” town.

Malta Memories is available through  Once on the site, click on Historian.

“Listening In”

Memories of Glens Falls  1755-1931

While moving old files to a new library system in Glens Falls, City Historian Wayne Wright unearthed a wonderful series of articles written in the 1930’s by Dennis F. O’Connell, then an editor for The Post Star, one of the Glens Falls newspapers. The articles spanned almost a year-long contest held by the Post Star, inviting readers to submit their most interesting memories of Glens Falls “Hometown USA”.  O’Connell and a fellow historian would then research the stories, and present additional information ranging back to 1775 and the original settlement. Together the stories and articles brought the history of Glens Falls to life.

Wright also found the name of William W. Kennedy, one of the first photographers in the area.  Wright tracked down Kennedy’s remaining family, and received permission to publish the Kennedy photographs for the first time.

Wright contacted Adirondack Press to bring the book together for publication, including the cover design and text.

This book is available at:

             Dublin Revisited

Stories of the West Side

Saratoga Springs, New York

West Side Historian Lee Signor and a friend decided to collect stories about a town-wide celebration called the Feast of St. Michael, held once a year consecutively for 100 years on the West Side of Saratoga Springs.  The women took a course in recording oral history and began finding people who had participated in the Feast celebrations.  They got the entire collection registered with the Library of Congress. 

Lee Signor wanted to transform the recorded interviews into a written format.  Signor contacted Adirondack Press to transcribe the oral interviews to a written format, and then to bring the written interviews together with pictures gathered from historical and private collections.  Together we designed the covers and brought the finished project together in time for a memorial  Feast of St. Michael.

This book is available through Lee Signor at:

“A Guide to Your Practice of Reiki Energy Healing”

is the book that started Adirondack Press. Now in its fifth printing, it is still one of the best practical guidebooks for Reiki practice.

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“A Master’s Path” is the story of one Master’s journey from Reiki level I practice to teaching Reiki around the world.

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